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Who Breaks Up In The Week Of May 22 – 28, 2023. Horoscope Of Wounded Hearts

The following period takes place under the influence of the Sun in Gemini, Mars in Leo, and Jupiter in Taurus. These transits hurt 3 signs.

The week of May 22 – 28, 2023 will be tense, especially in the area of ​​communication. The Sun in Gemini makes us say things without thinking and then we may regret it. Mars meets Jupiter and may push us to impulsive actions. We will be inflamed, and passionate, but not in a positive sense. We will quickly ignite from the smallest things.

The end of the week will be the cherry on the cake because the meeting between Saturn and the Sun will be one with sparks. Saturn is the teacher of the zodiac, the one who gives us responsibilities and lessons. We have something to learn, but we will also suffer because we have to face situations that we have always avoided.

These transits will bring a special burden for the signs. There are also some lucky natives, but three of the 12 signs will have problems in relationships.

Zodiac signs that break up in the week of May 22 – 28

Arguments, misunderstandings, and breakups, that’s what you can expect if you were born in Aries, Sagittarius, or Pisces.


Mars is your ruler, the planet of action and conflict. Even if, in the professional sector, the meeting between Mars and Jupiter brings excellent news, because you will be productive and creative, in the personal plan it will hinder you. You will be too career-oriented and too eager to stand out at work. Your partner will suffer for this reason and will reproach you for this. The fact that it is a week in which communication comes first means that sharp and painful things will be said. For you, it is quite difficult to accept that you were wrong and you will quickly enter the defense and then the attack phase. If the conflict intensifies, you can expect a separation, even if it is temporary. It would be good to have more patience with your loved one.


You and your partner will be like fire and water this week. Valvataia is you because you will ignite from even the smallest contradiction. No matter how much the man next to you tries to smooth out the conflict, if you fail to align your ideas on the same wavelength, the end of your relationship may be near. Separation might be something you need and, for this reason, start conflicts out of nothing. Dig deep into your heart and see what upsets you. The fact that you get angry quickly is caused by an old wound that needs healing.


The zodiac sign that is the most disadvantaged in the week of May 22 – 28. Saturn is in your sign and prepares you for some lessons that will change your life. If there have been some unresolved situations in your love relationship lately, you might burst out as a result of the pressure you’ve been under lately. The end of the week will represent the most delicate period when Saturn meets the Sun in Gemini and makes you say hard words. It is possible that your partner will answer you with the same coin and you may decide to take a break or end your relationship.

If you are among these signs, remember that these forecasts are indicative and general. Every relationship has its own story and, if you feel that you are in a good place with your partner, your story is one that will go on.

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