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Find out which are the friendliest signs of the zodiac and which ones are not at all.

When meeting new people, one of the first characteristics you tend to notice is how they interact with others and how friendly they can be. Although there are many to consider themselves as such, being friendly is instead much more complex than you think. Doing so means facing others without any prejudice, with kindness, and with the often underestimated ability to make them feel at ease. Although it is a way of being that depends at least in part on the experiences lived and on the type of education received, being friendly also derives from the influence that the stars have on us. Today, therefore, after seeing which are the zodiac signs that always get angry and what are the most curious signs of the zodiac, we will try to understand which are friendly and in what way.

Horoscope: Here are the friendliest signs and how they are

Aries – Friendly to those who do not consider a threat
Those born under the sign of Aries tend to be people who love to be among others. When they meet new people, their instinct is, therefore, to know as much as possible the identity of those in front of them, and to do so they try to be friendly, also making an effort to appear available. This way of doing them, however, tends to vary according to who they are in front of. If they think that the person in front of them may be a threat, for their work, for the role they play in the environment in which they know them or for other reasons, they tend to tense up by being kind but letting a sort of closure shine through to maintain some tension. It is a way of doing that they are aware of and that, therefore, they only implement when they believe it is needed.

Taurus – Fairly Friendly
The natives of Taurus are very friendly, especially with anyone who impresses them.
Their usually calm manners help anyone relax and when combined with kind words and smiles they are a great way to initiate acquaintance. Behind this way of doing lies the desire to get to know others better and to make them feel loved, especially in the first moments. Obviously, in case of dislikes or behaviors that they consider wrong, they can change strategy, suddenly appearing cold and distant and the change is so noticeable that those who know them well can understand at a single glance if they feel sympathy or dislike towards the newcomer.

Gemini – Friendly
Gemini is one of the most sociable and friendly signs in the zodiac. In addition to loving the possibility of being among others, they love meeting new people and getting as much as they can about them. Excellent communicators know how to put everyone they meet at ease and this makes them pleasant people to most people who, in their company, feel relaxed and motivated to make themselves known as much as possible. Finally, and last but not least, they are also born entertainers, which helps to ease the tension that people who are shyer or less used to being among others can feel.

Cancer – Not always friendly
Those born under the sign of Cancer often appear very reserved, especially when it comes to making new acquaintances. If they feel a particular harmony, they can be kind and friendly but never to the point of making those in front of them feel completely at ease. In the absence of feedback, they tend to close down and avoid confrontation, more for lack of desire than for other reasons. It is different if they feel threatened in some way. In this case, they will end up having unpleasant attitudes and everything to create an indispensable distance for them to feel at ease without the new knowledge interfering with their life.

Leo – Friendly Enough
The natives of Leo are people who always aim to please others. If introduced to new people, therefore, they will always try to make a good impression to appeal to them. This means that if they want they can also be very friendly, coming to put at ease those in front of them. All of this, however, tends to vanish if they become aware that they have no return from what they do. If this happens they can even become hostile, especially if the newcomer threatens to overshadow them or deprive them of the light they need to feel fully fulfilled.

Virgo – Friendly
Those born under the sign of Virgo, when they find themselves in front of someone they don’t know, are almost always kind, even if this way of doing it varies from person to person. In reality, theirs is more than anything else an attempt to study the person they are dealing with, grasping their strengths and weaknesses to form an opinion that, except in exceptional cases, will tend to remain the same over time. This happens because rational as they are they do not like to question their impressions and because they are convinced that no one ever really changes. Having said that, if in a good mood they can even prove to be an excellent company, giving the idea of ​​kind and sociable people and above all non-judgmental, which those who know them well know do not always correspond to the truth.

Libra – Friendly
The natives of Libra are moderate and staid people, the kind who tend to want to know someone before getting the impression that they know very well could turn out to be wrong. For this reason, they always tend to put others at ease and to converse amiably about this and that, following the thread of the speech of those in front of them and even lending themselves to listening if they realize that this can be useful. In front of someone with polite ways, they can even lay the foundations of a good friendship, provided that there are some points in common without which they prefer to maintain kindness while giving it a form of detachment capable of being perceived by others.

Scorpio – Friendly to anyone they like
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are known to be very reserved people, which is why it will always be difficult to get to know them completely. When it comes to putting others at ease, however, they know how to communicate, making themselves available and treating those in front of them with the utmost kindness. Their ways, however, always remain a bit formal unless they feel particularly in tune with the people involved. In this case, by opening up a little more, they will be able to give maximum availability, proving to be the ideal people with whom to interact. Unfortunately, this is a way of doing things on which they do not have the opposite. On the positive side, however, there is the fact that even when they remain closed in their world, they still manage to communicate a certain amount of empathy.

Sagittarius – Friendly but inconsistent
Sagittarius natives are often friendly, particularly because they love dealing with others and meeting new people. Even in front of perfect strangers, however, they tend to talk a lot about themselves, risking transmitting a sense of closure and confusion in those who find it difficult to relate to others. For this reason, having to deal with them can also be both pleasant and complicated, especially when they are too busy with their things and, focused on themselves, can suddenly appear distant. Theirs is a way of doing that is therefore not very constant and that often goes to luck, especially with those who interact with them.

Capricorn – On average friendly
Those born under the sign of Capricorn always show themselves friendly, even in front of strangers. Always ready to listen or entertain, they are often targeted by those looking for someone to feel comfortable with and this happens mainly because they appear as serious and at the same time easy-going people. A mix that creates a sort of sense of trust in those who see them for the first time and which, consequently, leads to opening up with them. Once the pleasantries are over, however, to remain in their good graces it is necessary to show oneself interest in their eyes and overcome their judgment which, even if not expressed, will always tend to be there. Do not worry, however, they are also ready to change their minds and give second chances.

Aquarius – Unfriendly
Of all the signs of the zodiac, the natives of Aquarius are certainly among the least friendly. Reserved and always in search of the right privacy, they are the least suitable people to create a relationship of acquaintance. Little interested in others, they feel no need to put people at ease they tend to keep at a safe distance almost always. They too, like everyone, have preferences and when this happens they can make an exception. The beauty is that when they try they can be extremely friendly.

Pisces – Extremely Friendly
Pisces are very friendly people, especially if they perceive that those in front of them feel uncomfortable or have difficulty communicating. Empathic like few others, they always feel the need to lend a hand and make others feel their closeness. For this reason, they are the most suitable people to approach those who want to join a group or simply need to make new acquaintances. Great listeners are always ready to lend a hand to the point of getting involved even more than they should. A defect that is also part of their charm and that, despite working on it, they struggle to correct.

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