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Find out what each zodiac sign would like from their friends

Friendship is one of the most important and precious feelings there is. It compares people and helps them feel less alone in the face of life’s problems. As the saying goes that those who find a friend find a treasure, this feeling helps you feel stronger, overcome your limits and embrace life with greater enthusiasm. Obviously, for all this to happen the friendship must be sincere and positive on both sides. Often in fact due to problems in communicating there is the risk of making mistakes or misinterpreting the needs of those in front of you. Since the stars influence needs and expectations at least in part, today after having seen which are the signs of the zodiac that complain the most and what is the most suitable spring destination for each zodiac sign, we will find out what the various signs expect from a friendship relationship. Since the topic is mainly about emotions, it is preferable to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a more precise result.

Horoscope: what the various zodiac signs expect from their friends

Aries – Freedom
Those born under the sign of Aries love to surround themselves with many friends, especially if they can give them the right attention. While always wanting a central role, they end up feeling easily suffocated. For them, friendship must be something that makes them free, free from jealousies and requests for exclusivity. It is a pity that they are hardly able to reciprocate what they, on the other hand, expect from others.

Taurus – Faithfulness Taurus
natives need to be able to trust the people around them and this applies primarily to their friends. For them, in fact, in life only the people of the family or those who consider themselves as such, which is why they tend to be very selective. In friendship, they do not have big claims but what is essential for them is the seriousness combined with a basic sincerity without which they cannot go beyond the simple relationship of acquaintance. To be friends with them, therefore, you have to give your all in this regard.

Gemini – The ability to escape
Gemini is among the most communicative people there are. For them, therefore, having many friends is more than normal. Nonetheless, they tend to never feel completely satisfied with a lack of stimulation. In fact, from friends, they need to feel motivated to take action. Even better if they can surround themselves with people who can distract them when they feel low. In return, they are always ready to bring joy and sharing but only with those who in their eyes show that they care about their good.

Cancer – Attention
From friends, the natives of Cancer demand what they ask of everyone around them, that is attention. For them, feeling loved and pampered is so important that they have the upper hand over everything. The problem is that they take it so for granted that they rarely mention it, taking it to heart when they think they haven’t received the right attention. The risk is therefore to collide with their sudden coldness and all without being able to understand its origin. The best thing to do? Talk to him and try to solve, while there is time …

Leo – The flattery
Yes, those born under the sign of Leo have a great need to feel pampered by those they consider friends. When they are among others, they love to receive their attention and to know that they are appreciated and admired for all that they represent. Sometimes this way they do it can create problems, especially with those people who, unlike them, do not pay much attention to such details. To be friends with them, however, it is essential to be able to understand them and give them what they need.

Virgo – Respect
Virgo natives tend to be very strict and when it comes to interpersonal relationships or, even better, friendships, what they ask above all else is respect. However confident there is, they will always erect walls beyond which it is impossible to go. If you care about their friendship it is therefore important to remember that you must always let them know that you respect them and that you respect both their life choices and them as people.

Libra – consistency
Those born under the sign of Libra aspire to a life where everything coexists in harmony and where relationships with others follow certain rules. Excellent confidants and advisers, their friends ask for one thing: consistency. If there is one thing they can’t stand it is being made a promise without it materializing. A situation in which they can even lose faith in others. Similarly, if they discover a deception or that a friend has pretended to be what he was not, the disappointment will be such as to push them to distance themselves in some way.

Scorpio – Sincerity
Those born under the sign of Scorpio expect those around them to be as sincere with them as possible. This becomes even more important when it comes to family or friends. In particular, they expect them to never fail to tell them the truth and always show them that they can trust them. For the natives of the sign, trust is something extremely important and when it fails it is really difficult to be able to restore it. Even trying it will never be the same because the shadow of what happened will always burn like an indelible mark. For this reason, to be friends with them it is really important to never hide anything from them. Especially when you consider that they are good at uncovering any lies.

Sagittarius – Availability
The natives of Sagittarius need to know that they can always rely on those they consider friends. When this does not happen they take it to death starting to become colder and more distant. Unfortunately, as much as they demand such attention, they are the first to make them miss them, often being far away or very busy with themselves. Nevertheless, even pointing it out to them would be useless because in their eyes any shortcomings would not make those of others less serious. The only way to hold them tight? Always be there and let them know at all times that you care about their friendship.

Capricorn – The ability to always go out to meet him
Those born under the sign of Capricorn are often difficult people to understand because even if they want something they always behave to get many different ones. Furthermore, they are always busy with many commitments, which takes away from them the time to devote themselves to what they love or to have free time to spend with friends. When they manage to carve out a space, they, therefore, need to know that those who care about them are willing to change their plans to see them. Probably they will never externalize it or reproach it, nevertheless, it is what they expect, especially from the people they consider more intimate.

Aquarius – Respect for their privacy
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who love being able to boast certain privacy and often feel pressured by those who insist on getting them out of their comfort zone at any cost. From friends, therefore, they would like greater understanding and the ability to understand when they need to stay on the sidelines without joining. They wish they could be understood and accepted for who they are without this leading to offenses or problems. At the same time, they expect, at least from the closest ones, to be able to somehow be read and anticipated in their own needs.

Pisces – empathy
Pisces natives as highly empathic signs, tend to expect others to have the ability to understand them as well and feel bad when they feel they are being misunderstood. For them, friendship is something that should transcend everything so much that they can understand each other even with a glance. When that doesn’t happen, they start asking questions about the people they surround themselves with and their way of expressing themselves. To make them feel loved it is therefore important to always give them maximum understanding and pay attention to how they feel or might feel on certain occasions because they will always do the same with those in front of them.

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