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Sagittarius Career and Money

Sagittarius Career Mantra: “How does this benefit my world?”

Sagittarius greatest career strength: Work-life balance. A Sagittarius may work hard and push themselves to the max, but only because they love their job. A Sag instinctively knows that work can help them live their best life, and works hard so they can also play hard. They definitely use up all vacation days!

Sagittarius greatest career challenge: Feigning interest. When a Sag isn’t interested in their job, it’s tough for them to pretend, and even though they need a paycheck, they can’t fake enthusiasm for work they feel ‘meh’ about. Because of that, many Sags find working as a freelancer or becoming an entrepreneur and making their own hours is their best path forward.

Sagittarius Work Style

Get it done! A Sag loves working on a laptop, and will pull it out in the most incongruous places. Laptop balanced on a treadmill? It’s probably a Sag behind the screen. Sags love independence and thrive when their boss allows them to come and go as they please. They will get the work done, but they like having flexibility.

Sags tend to procrastinate, and are experts at pulling through with a 24 hour miracle project. It’s not that they don’t plan ahead, it’s that Sags thrive on adrenaline and love the high that comes from finishing a project in record time. You can always count on a Sag, but don’t look over their shoulder or ask what their process may be.

A Sag doesn’t necessarily love becoming BFFs with their coworkers, and likes maintaining some professional distance. A Sag hates workplace drama, and prefers to get out of work on time and focus on their “real” life. A Sag is a fair boss who focuses on the work done by others; not office politics. A Sag wants what is best for their employees and knows that is often going home at a decent hour and enjoying their “real” lives.

Sagittarius Dream Careers

Actor: Sags love exploring the full range of human experiences, and gravitate toward acting. Naturally dramatic and outgoing, Sags feel at home in front of a camera.

Location scout: Travel and entertainment combine for this career, which allows a Sag to globetrot to find the perfect spots for movie shoots.

Video game designer: With a robust imagination, Sagittarius is great at imagining an alternative world, and can keep the focus big-picture, giving engineers the specifications to make their vision a reality.

Professor: Smart Sags love lifelong learning, and find that they do well as a professor, both inspiring students and also contributing to scholarly research.

Editor: With a love of words and an eye for detail, Sagittarius is great at shaping books, articles, or films into something even better than the creator of the work envisioned.

Sagittarius and Money

Sagittarius sees money as a tool, and they aren’t necessarily attached to stockpiling money, and don’t put a lot of stock into what they have in their bank accounts. This is a good and bad thing. While it’s great to not be motivated by money, Sags have to eat, and Sags may need some prodding (and an appointment with a financial advisor) to actually get some financial systems in place.

Sagittarius can easily come by money, and know they have a pretty robust set of skills that can always utilize to make money—or start their own business. A Sagittarius can always hustle and step things up when they need to, and may make or lose several fortunes in a lifetime. Because of the feast or famine Sag life, it can be helpful to make sure some safeguards, like investments, are in place, so that there’s always some cash for a rainy day.

If You Work for a Sagittarius Boss

A Sagittarius boss can help make your work shine, but may be wordy, esoteric, and hard to “get.” The truth is that you can’t “get” them—they truly do march to the beat of their own drummer. Once you realize that, and that their head may be up in the clouds, you can do your best work. Help a Sag boss by teaching them how you would like to be managed; they may not suggest weekly check-ins unless you do, but are happy to facilitate that, as they truly believe that it’s essential for employees to find their own path to success. Here, some common Sagittarius boss traits.

Logical: A Sagittarius doesn’t get caught up by emotion, and often will make decisions based on the bottom line or the budget only.

Happy: A Sag boss wants the workplace to be fun, and may set up team building exercises or bagel Fridays to allow everyone to truly enjoy their on-the-clock time. That said, weekends and evenings are sacred, and Sag bosses won’t overstep office hours.

Independent: A Sagittarius boss follows their own rule book, and hates doing things that have been done a million times before. Impress a Sag boss by presenting an out of the box plan.

Thoughtful: A natural teacher, a Sagittarius may want to “teach” their employees, and may go off on a small error for hours. They’re not doing so to drag you down, but because they get carried away and geek out on explaining things to others.

Vacation focused: Unlike some other signs, a Sagittarius wants you to use every drop of vacation time you’re allotted, and may think you are weird or odd if you don’t. Likewise, if you see your Sagittarius boss has an out of office email up, take it seriously and do not disturb them—vacation is everything to Archers.

What Success Means to a Sagittarius

A Sagittarius sees work as one element of their life, but not their whole life. A Sagittarius sees success as having a life where travel, fun, friends, and a well-paying job all coexist, and work doesn’t dominate anything. A Sagittarius loves time off, and hates getting caught in some sort of comparison over how many hours worked. Success is getting work done, getting paid, and using that money to do what you love. Love what you do? Then to a Sagittarius, you’re winning, despite what you may or may not make. At the end of the day, a Sagittarius loves their whole life, and considers a life with plenty of time for relaxation and travel, one that is successful.

Awakening the Inner Sagittarius Owl

While the symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer, in Native American tradition, the dates of Sagittarius align with the owl. Here, how Sagittarius can align with their inner owl for a life that’s even more intelligent and intuitive.

Take a solo trip: Even if you’re in a committed partnership, Sags love having independence, and regularly spending solo time with themselves is a key way for Sags to become stronger, smarter, and feel better.

Read a book: Smart Sags should get in the habit of reading a book or newspaper (scrolling through Facebook doesn’t count!) every day.

Watch and listen: Sags thrive in the spotlight, but they also do well watching on the sidelines, and always learn lessons from seeing how others live their lives.

Teach: Even if it’s not their profession, Sags gravitate toward teaching and mentorship, and finding somewhere to do this can make Sags feel even smarter in their own lives, too.

All of the above are especially powerful in a month that manifests a full moon in Sagittarius!

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