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What is the most jealous zodiac sign of all? The stars reveal to us what sign he just can’t keep his jealousy at bay .

Each zodiac sign is special and has something unique. In addition to having a dominant quality, we all also have a flaw that stands out. So we could be extremely kind and extremely selfish at the same time! Today the stars reveal to us who has the defect of jealousy, more than the whole zodiac.

Some more, some less we are all a little jealous, we have to admit it. Jealousy is not always a bad thing, it is the feeling that encourages us to improve and that makes us understand that we particularly care for someone. As often happens, it is exasperation that is harmful, so even in the case of jealousy, when it is excessive it becomes dangerous. One sign in particular cannot hold back and hide its explosive jealousy and we are about to reveal who it is.

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What is the most jealous zodiac sign of all?

According to astrologers, the level that jealousy can reach is worrying for a zodiac sign. This sign is so jealous that they cannot control this feeling and could go so far as to be deemed intolerable to others. This is the case of Scorpio , considered the most jealous zodiac sign of all.

For the sign of Scorpio, there are no half measures when it comes to jealousy. For him this feeling is related to the relationship. Being jealous for him is normal and if there is no jealousy in a relationship there is no love. This sign uses jealousy as a means to understand how much he loves and to show all his love for him.

Scorpio is one of the darkest and most mysterious zodiac signs and at the same time it is a very passionate sign. If you hurt him he does not forgive and will wait the time it takes to take revenge in the worst possible way. He becomes ruthless if he suffers a betrayal by a person he trusted. Scorpio is quite possessive and jealousy is the cause.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet that symbolizes transformation, and of creative or destructive impulses. Also it is a water sign. This mix makes it as charismatic as it is instinctive. Passion and eroticism are dominant traits of this sign that cannot escape the jealousy that manifests itself without warning.

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How to counter the jealousy of Scorpio

For some signs such as Pisces and Cancer the ability to manage this drive of Scorpio is innate. Capricorn, Virgo, Sagittarius and Libra also usually have a good relationship with Scorpio. Other signs such as Aries, Gemini and Aquarius have a lot of difficulty in finding points in common with this sign. Taurus and Leo are the signs that are absolutely less compatible with Scorpio because they are also very possessive and jealous.

Beyond the zodiac sign, if you want to appease the irrepressible jealousy of Scorpio, the stars advise never to take this sign off guard, to be as communicative and transparent as possible, not to have secrets with this sign.

Scorpio finds it hard to trust others, is always attentive to the behavior of those close to him. Living with a very jealous person is not easy, it brings conflicts and even final breakups. Jealousy goes hand in hand with possessiveness which at times cannot be tolerated, especially when it becomes excessive.

Trust and respect should always be a priority in a relationship, make them stand out especially if you are dealing with the sign of Scorpio, it is the key to keeping it at bay.

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