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Find out what is the thing that makes you insatiable according to the stars.

We often hear it said, in life, some people are easily satisfied and those who, on the other hand, are never satisfied. The truth is that in our way we all feel satisfied by some things and less by others and this depends at least in part on the experiences we have lived and on the influence that the stars have on us. If you are curious to know what it is that makes you insatiable, read on because after seeing how fragile the various signs of the zodiac are and how extroverted they are, today we will find out what makes us insatiable. Since it is something that is very linked to emotions, the advice is to also read the profile corresponding to your ascendant.

Horoscope, this is what you are really insatiable for

Aries – In your need to be the best
In life, what you constantly need is the feeling that you are the best, that you are first in everything. This means that you are always in competition with the world, sometimes even for things that hardly interest you. You do it when you talk when it comes to competing in sports or being first at work. Sometimes you might even be able to steal the guy from a friend just to show him that you are more than her in something. The problem is that this way of doing you, in the end, risks isolating you and putting you in the position of having nothing in which to feel the best. Because there is no competition without participants and if no one wants to run with you anymore, the risk is to feel alone and at the bottom of a list.

Taurus – In feeling fulfilled
For you, feeling satisfied is the ultimate goal of well-being. Whether it’s food, good wine, or a pleasant evening, what he constantly needs is to feel good. You have always built your life on this need, striving to always have the best of which, however, you can never feel completely satisfied. For you, there can always be something more out there and this thought of it makes it impossible to fully enjoy what you have. Remember, though, that to live in peace of mind you need to have emotional stability which is the opposite of your constant pursuit of pleasure. Take what makes you feel good, enjoy it, and appreciate it, remembering that if it is true that there can always be better, the opposite is also true. So,

Gemini – In the desire to be among the people
Your sunny and communicative nature is known to all. When you meet, it’s hard to find yourself alone, and if you are, you’re almost certainly having a conversation with someone on the phone. The thing that makes you feel good is in fact communication with others, which makes you feel alive and at the center of the world. Unfortunately, the thing becomes extreme to the point that you have so many acquaintances that you don’t have the time to establish real relationships. This often makes you feel alone and unable to find a solution to the problem you end up doing what you do best, that is, looking for new people to “make friends” with. Remember that often quality is better than quantity and that a true friendship can make you feel less alone than 100 people who even know you don’t know who you are.

Cancer – In need of attention
If there is one thing that complicates your life, also affecting that of others, it is your extreme need for attention. As much as others try to please you, you are always looking for more love, more beautiful words, more caresses, and who knows what more. Yours is a need that comes from within and that sometimes guides you making you lose the sense of what you are doing. So it can happen that feeling little considered you fall victim to jealousy, making real scenes that risk having the opposite effect leading others to distance themselves from you. To be well, therefore, the advice of the stars is to control others better, stop demanding and try to accept what is given to you as it comes.

Leo – In being the center of attention
For you, the thing that matters most is being the undisputed protagonist of the scene, whatever it is. The ability you have to get noticed always and in any case is something innate and on which you work daily. The problem is that you always want more, sometimes going so far as to demand excessive attention. For this reason, the advice of the stars is to also learn to give a little prominence to others who in this way will be more likely to keep you on the pedestal from which you just can’t get off. Remember, though, that sooner or later the risk of meeting someone who can unseat you can become something to worry about. Why, therefore, not learn to feel important even in the second line? It could be a great life lesson that can make you appreciate your position in other people’s lives more.

Virgo – In always having everything in order
Your fixation on order ranges from the environment in which you live or work to the mental one. For you it is always ordered to know what is beyond something, to have a routine of things to do always in the same way, and to follow it without ever changing anything because this gives you a satisfying feeling of order. In addition to making you feel continually dissatisfied due to the chaos to which life constantly subjects you, this way of being of yours gives you a certain rigidity of thought that prevents you from experiencing the best things and situations that arise before you. For this reason, even without giving up your delusions of order, you should learn to enjoy them when you have them and to make the best of a bad situation when something gets in the way. In this way, in addition to living better, you will also be more open to others.

Libra – In need of company
As much as you try to feel independent, the truth is that you just don’t like being alone. Whether it’s your partner, sister, or best friend, you constantly need to know that you have someone next to you, who knows how to be close not only with the heart but also physically. This often makes you insatiable, leading you to expect things from others that they are objectively unable to give you. For this reason, first of all, you should learn to appreciate even the moments of solitude to be grateful for those who share with others who, it must be remembered, are not forced to be next to you just because you want to. It is a difficult step but once done it will certainly make you feel better, bringing improvements to your interpersonal relationships as well.

Scorpio – In the need to feel happy
If there is one thing that is never enough for you, this is the happiness you pursue both when things go wrong and when they go big. While it is right that you do everything to be happy, it should also be considered your need to dig again when you have already found the treasure. This way of thinking leads you to not dwell enough on the things you have and the pleasant moments you could experience if you only learned to enjoy them. Too many times have reached the finish line you do not even allow yourself the time to enjoy it to run towards the next one. Ok the ambition and the desire to improve but, of course, you also need to take your awards and be here for the good things you have and have had.

Sagittarius – In need of pleasure
You are a person who knows he already has everything he needs in life. What you miss or that, better said, is never enough for you is the pleasure of others. Whether you are aware of it or not you need to tell yourself and express the world you have inside so that others understand and approve of you. This often makes you insatiable because even in the face of consensus, you end up wanting more, to the point of feeling discontented if for some reason others stop giving it to you or, more simply, are taken up by their things to make you feel as you would like. Learning to feel alive beyond others is something that you still have to learn and that is also the key to more appreciating what you have and the interpersonal relationships with others that, many times, are better than you are led to believe.

Capricorn – In the need to feel committed
Your way of acting and thinking is often incomprehensible because to feel part of the world you are willing to load yourself with commitments to the point of being too tired to do them correctly. This leads you to never feel gratified by what you do (you don’t have the time) and to continue to achieve greater and greater goals. Of course, overworking helps you not to think but it also prevents you from living and in the evening you like to go to sleep exhausted but with the awareness of having done something, perhaps you should start to consider that often even one goal at a time is enough and at the same time being the solution for a more fulfilling life and in which to spend time with loved ones.

Aquarius – Having time for yourself No
matter how much time you dedicate to yourself is objectively long, you are always dissatisfied to the point of feeling the need to think more about yourself. The truth is that despite being an independent person, you should be more open to others and rediscover the pleasure of being among people. Of course, not being afraid of what others think is a strength but in your case, it risks becoming a weakness that over time can isolate you. And when you are alone, the time for yourself is so long that it can become too much, even for someone like you. Have you ever thought about it?

Pisces – In the need to have something more
Your gaze is perpetually turned to tomorrow, to the point that you lose sight of the present and what you have in your hands right now. This causes you to feel dissatisfied with your life except for regretting what you had when it is too late to get back together. What you lack is the ability to enjoy the present and see what you have. It is a styling exercise that you should learn and that with a little training can save you from this problem that seriously risks making you lose the beauty of many important moments that, unfortunately, do not come back.

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