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What does your best friend have to be like? What characteristics should it have? Here’s how to choose it based on your zodiac sign

There are people you really like, others instead as soon as you meet them you understand that they will never be part of your life. Have you ever wondered what the path that unconsciously our heads and our hearts take to choose the person to keep jealously guarded for life, that same person who will know everything about you, secrets, joys, pains depends on? The best friend is the main keeper of all the most important anecdotes of our life, but not all the people you meet can play such an important role. Do you know that even the zodiac sign can depend on that alchemy that is established with what will be your ‘soul mate’ in the ambit of friends?

So let’s find out, sign by sign, which characteristics (and which zodiac sign) it is preferable that our best friend has, to ensure that the harmony never fails. Are you ready? Off with the leaderboard!


Your best friend is Pisces

The Aries woman is a real warrior, and alongside a Pisces friend her adventures will have the right support and enthusiasm. The Aries woman often loves to be the leader of a group, for this reason she goes with a Pisces, very calm and condescending.


Your best friend is Libra

Taurus women are very determined, tough people and love to be down-to-earth, even too much. By approaching a woman like Libra, they will be able to bring a little lightness to their life.


Your best friend is Aquarius

The Gemini woman is very creative, irrational, ambitious and constantly produces new ideas in any field, even if she does not always manage to implement them. With a friend like the Aquarius woman, she will be able to find valid support for her lightness of living of her.


Your best friend is Capricorn

The Cancer woman is certainly the most sensitive of the whole horoscope. She loves family, friends, home and she thrives on certainties. With a Capricorn woman beside her, she will be able to find reliability and sincerity that will not disappoint her infinite goodness of mind and together they will be able to overcome any obstacle in her life.


Your best friend is Aquarius

The Leo woman is certainly protective of her loved ones and her circle of friends, whom she chooses very selectively. She loves being the center of attention, she is combative, brave and loyal. An Aquarius friend, with her sweetness, she will know how to take her character so fiery and enterprising of her. You never jealousy and envy among them.


Your best friend is Aries

The Virgo woman is extremely precise in everything she does, she will never make any decision if she has not first evaluated all the pros and cons of the case well, and this rationality she puts into practice above all by giving valid advice to the people she loves. The Aries woman admires her rationality in dealing with her life and will often run to her to ask for all kinds of advice.


Your best friend is Taurus

No one like the Libra woman knows how to be objective in life, dispensing thoughtful advice, very useful to those around her. With the woman of the Taurus they will be able to face every situation that life will put in front of them with the utmost rationality, sharing concreteness and humor.


Your best friend is Sagittarius

The Scorpio woman has a pungent and very complicated character, she is selective in the choices of the people who will be part of her life. A friend like Sagittarius will be able to bring an explosion of energy into her days, they will know how to defend each other from anyone who wants to attack them in some way.


Your best friend is Leo

Sagittarius women undoubtedly love to protect their freedom from any kind of constriction. They love to travel in company, and with a Leo woman next to them they will be able to share many adventures, and she will be able to defend the beloved freedom of the Sagittarius woman from external attacks.


Your best friend is Sagittarius

The Capricorn woman is very selective, thoughtful, has a strong sense of duty and is very intelligent. A Sagittarius friend will be able to give her the right dose of lightness, and together they will methodically achieve all their goals.


Your best friend is Capricorn

The Aquarius woman is certainly very ironic and her life is studded with great ideals. The Capricorn woman will be attracted to the ironic side of her, and together they will face all the most difficult choices in life, especially those in the love world.


Your best friend is Scorpio

The Pisces woman is very sweet, she really loves all the people around her, but she is also chaotic and full of fantasy. The Scorpio will be able to defend the most fragile high of her character, spurring her when something is wrong, together they will compensate 100%.

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