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What Are Your Complexes Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Each of us has internal wounds that struggle to heal, complexes, which place us on a level of inferiority, very often, compared to others. But can you spot them? Can you recognize them? Well, if you’re curious to know better what and who we’re talking about today, then all you have to do is read through to the end of our article of the day which will have a more than enlightening task for you. But let’s go in order. Let’s start with the first on the list.


It is a sign that always manages to make a good impression and when this does not happen, it goes on a rampage, if the image of perfection that it has well built in its head falls, it is as if it were endlessly tormented.


The bull is obsessed with his anxieties and his aesthetic appearance. Well, he always tries to be perfect in this respect, but the truth is that it’s not easy to have an exceptional physique, at any time of the year, and bulls have a thousand problems with that.


Gemini loves taking care of himself, but above all he has a sort of obsession with his teeth, he wants them to always be very white, and well-kept, which makes them go mush, also because it is not easy to have their cleanliness always under control.


Cancer is usually never satisfied with the way they see their body, and for this reason, they tend to take care of it and embellish it, so to speak, with a series of tattoos that represent it.


Leo always likes to make a good impression, but often focuses on the appearance of his nose which he feels is disheveled and out of place. That’s why he also uses a lot of makeup to hide what appears to him as a flaw in his eyes.


Virgo knows how to make a good impression on everyone, thanks to her great organization. But she gets a thousand complexes when she fails to impose her point of view on others. She always wonders: what did I do wrong? Sometimes, the answer is that you can’t always agree with everyone.


Libra is a sign who loves to work on their body but believes they have some sort of defect in their legs, finding them too big. Here too it is a complex that leads her to train them continuously to make them as she would like.


Scorpio is very insecure and often doesn’t like to talk for fear of saying something out of place, or off-topic. The problem of verbal communication gripped him like crazy.


Capricorn frowns on his ears and lips. These are things he doesn’t like. This is complex.


He doesn’t like to smile, he has a complex of looking bad and unnatural in photos. Even though he has a nice smile, it’s like there’s nothing uglier for him.


Aquarius can’t live the summer well. The whole is a season, it seems strange but it is. Let’s say you don’t want to publicly show yourself on the beach and believe there are better times of the year.


Pisces is a sign that doesn’t like smells, especially those of the body. He is obsessed with cleaning himself and his own spaces. And he wants every person and every place to smell amazing.

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