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Let’s find out the ranking of the zodiac signs that hate New Year’s Eve: maybe you are there too or your partner is among them!

Hey, how long had we not seen each other! Tell us a little, what are you doing on New Year’s Eve?
If as a result of this question your eyes have started to sparkle and you are about to scream, you may (in all likelihood) find yourself in our ranking today.

What are we going to talk about? Ah but simply of all those zodiac signs that just can’t think of New Year’s Eve. Indeed, they simply think about it … hating it! Let’s find out today the ranking: who knows that you will not meet new friends based on this connection of yours?

The zodiac signs that hate New Year: are you among them too? Find out now with the horoscope ranking

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Yes, New Year’s Eve has arrived once again, and once again you have no idea what to do on December 31st at midnight.
While there are people who find New Year’s Eve truly thrilling and exciting, there are so many who see it as a party … truly terrible!

Today we asked the stars and planets to help us with the horoscope ranking of the zodiac signs that hate the New Year.

We want to know who it is who absolutely cannot think about New Year’s Eve without crying (or screaming in anger), to decide who to invite or not to the dinner!
What do you say, in the ranking of horoscope today, you might be in? Let’s find out now together!

Cancer: fifth place

Even if cancer does not mind some being with friends and celebrating, for most of those born under this sign, the New Year is a true and proper nightmare.
Endless dinners, with people who perhaps know little or who compete for the attention of their loved ones followed by a journey in the cold to a place where they probably won’t have fun.

But in short, is New Year’s Eve a party or torture? In cancer, this celebration enjoy it very much: if you can pass the 31 December to bed, with a film and a hot chocolate, rest assured that they will!

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Taurus: fourth place

Although the Taurus always drag themselves to the New Year’s parties, it rarely happens that they appreciate them in all respects.
Taurus often end up literally ” empty ” after New Year: they spend hours trying to make everyone feel at ease and forget to think about themselves!

With so many people together and in the same room, the Taurus feel they have to somehow keep their attention high and end up doing a little bit of the “clowns” on duty.
If the evening goes wrong they feel the responsibility and they are terrible! In short, New Year’s Eve for Taurus is a real stress!

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Capricorn: third place

At Capricorn likes to celebrate with friends and what better time if not the New Year to get busy?
Too bad that, often, New Year’s Eve is too hectic for Capricorn to feel appreciated as much as they think they should be!

Let’s explain: Capricorn loves going to parties and having an excuse to be the center of attention. On New Year’s Eve, however, everyone exaggerates and ends up obscuring the Capricorn who thus finds himself in the ranking of signs that hate the New Year.
They can’t do anything about it if that’s the case: they just want to be the most daring of the party and find themselves surrounded by people ready to do anything!

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Sagittarius: second place

Even those born under the sign of Sagittarius are not, particularly lovers of the New Year.
Yes, of course, Sagittarians like to be with friends but they also hate having to stay all night in ” addictions ” or at the comfort of others.

New Year, according to Sagittarius, is a night to completely lose the compass and do whatever we can think of!
The dinner, with everyone sitting until midnight, and the subsequent movements to find an evening that everyone will go to are too basic for Sagittarius.

They like to spend alternative New Year, in nature or looking for an adventure: since, more often than not, this is not possible on New Year’s Eve to Sagittarius always and only one thing. Which? They get bored to death all the time and end up overdoing the shouting, shouting, and drinking!

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Aries: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that hate the New Year

Yes, dear Aries, we have decided to put you at the top of our ranking today. Are you happy to be among the zodiac signs that hate the New Year the most?
Indeed, to be the first, of all, to hate this party?
We have to make some clarifications.

The Aries do not hate New Year in every way … indeed! The Aries adore New Year and would like always it was great.
Too bad that their expectations are so high that Aries themselves often sabotage their New Year!

If only something goes wrong (and, as you might expect, something goes wrong almost always) the Aries put the sulking and start to think about the fact that New Year is a celebration really bad and boring.
The result? The Aries has never spent a good New Year in their entire lives, at least according to them!

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