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Zodiacs Ranked From Most Self-Aware To Totally Clueless


Pisces are so self-aware, they’ve done a DNA test and discovered everything about their past lives as a result. They know all their own flaws, have come to accept them, and are actively striving towards betterment on the daily. They live in the present while trending towards growth.


A Scorpio is extremely self-aware. They know all about their issues, their attachment style, and the reason they play mind games in most of their relationships and still manage to lead a “Sorry-Not-Sorry” lifestyle. Just because they know there’s an issue doesn’t mean they want to change a single thing.


Cancers are the most comfortable sign in their own skin. There is never any looming identity crisis. They know who they see every time they look in the mirror and have no unnamed demons to face. They do the work every day, and just chalk it up to maintenance.


An Aquarius is self-aware, but almost to excess. They want to be an ally and want to lead a life that is as geared towards social justice as possible, but they can sometimes stumble into a blunder because of it. They are so self-aware that they sometimes forget how to act naturally. They’re too afraid to misstep to be truly genuine.


Tauruses are so level-headed, they are self-aware for the most part, but they can sometimes rely too heavily on the good-child act to be fully in touch with their innermost desires. They prefer to not rock the boat over acknowledging the specifics of what they are thinking and feeling.


Virgos think they are the most self-aware sign of the zodiac because they are so good at sizing up others and identifying their issues. But, they can get defensive when the microscope turns inward. They can get aggressive when challenged and don’t always recognize when things are escalating to a tense level.


Libras are riding that see-saw of life, and you never know what you’re going to get with them. Sometimes they are so zeroed in on their thoughts and feelings, and sometimes they are totally clueless. It all depends on where they are in their current growth cycle and how close they are to paying attention.


Leos are too focused on everyone around them to be truly self-aware. While they can be self-centered at times, awareness is not always a package deal that comes with it. They are people-pleasers and focus more on others’ needs than they do on their own. They long for acceptance and approval, even if it requires them to sacrifice their own desires.


Capricorns are notorious rule followers. It doesn’t matter if the rules hurt them, put them at a disadvantage, or make them uncomfortable. They can’t color outside the lines. Their anxiety doesn’t allow them to. They focus all their energy on what the world demands of them, not on what they want to ask of the world.


Aries are bulls in a china shop. They focus directly on their goal and don’t pay any attention to how they maneuver their way toward it. There is no focus on the self. No imagined outside perspective. Only the shortest path from A to B possible, and any broken glass or trail of crumbs is completely outside of their purview.


Sagittariuses are the undeniable golden retrievers of the zodiac. They follow their instincts to find food and love, and rinse and repeat that approach until they run out of energy and collapse in their beds at the end of the day. Whatever they knock over while they’re wagging their tails is simply collateral.


Geminis try so hard, but sometimes they can be total space cadets. They can say one thing when they really mean the other, and even when everyone around them can see the incongruence, they really have no idea that things are misaligning. Sometimes they need their feelings to hit them like a bus to pick up on the hint.

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