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Top 5 Zodiac Signs That Love To Be In Control

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These signs do not feel safe if they do not know where they are going.

Some new teeth always want certainties. They don’t feel safe if they don’t know where they are going if they don’t find out what other people’s plans are or if they don’t convince everyone to follow them in the direction they want. These natives hate being taken by surprise and risk becoming aggressors through their insistence.

5 signs that feel the need to be in control

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Scorpio wants absolute control

Scorpio must know everything that moves in his entourage, at home, at work, in the group of friends. If he has the impression that he has missed some detail, his peace has been taken away on Sambeta’s water. It is a very possessive sign and, even if it realizes that it is exaggerating, very critical. He doesn’t like to depend on anyone, instead the whole world should depend on him, put him first, ask for his advice, his approval. Taken to the extreme, the need for control inevitably turns against him…

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Cancer is the master of emotional blackmail

Cancer’s family, especially the children and the couple’s partner, will feel the need for control to the core. Good psychologist, you don’t even realize when he unmasks you to find out everything you don’t tell him willingly. Hyperprotective and caring, but also ultrasensitive and jealous, Cancer feels the need to choose for his own: what to wear, what friends they have, how they spend their free time. If you don’t let him decide for you, he immediately punishes you with an exaggerated emotional response. But if someone dared to accuse him of being obsessed with control, he would at least look shocked and extremely offended.

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Leo coordinates everyone

In the case of Leos, the control they exercise is almost involuntary and most likely they are not even aware that they are going too far with their need to keep their leashes tight. They have a very clear idea of ​​how things should work and give everyone something to do so that the result is as close as possible to the perfection they want. If contradictory discussions arise, there is no doubt that Leo is always right. They are so convinced of their superiority that they don’t even doubt that everyone should listen to them…

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The Virgo does not miss anything

It is very rare for Virgo to take risks, to act on the first impulse. She could not function well if she did not carefully plan her every step. He finds it hilarious to rely on chance or the goodwill of others and he knows exactly that luck is made by the man with his own hands. In addition, Virgo does not really trust people and their power to do things well, beautifully and correctly if they are not given clear directions. The drastic demand of the Virgin is also directed against her own person: everything she does must be perfect, even if she has no free time left because of it.

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Capricorn calculates everything

As soon as an inappropriate element appears in his path, Capricorn completely leaves his comfort zone. And since he doesn’t like the feeling that the ground is running away from under his feet, he doesn’t leave anything to fate. Order and discipline, this is the motto that helps him stay away from chaos. And one more thing Capricorn controls very well: their own feelings. Don’t let them for a moment dominate him, go in the wrong direction or make him vulnerable.

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