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The stars reveal to us which is the perfect fruit for each zodiac sign. Choose the fruit that increases your vitality.

They say we are what we eat. The quality of the food we eat affects the quality of life we ​​lead. A healthy and balanced diet helps us lead a lighter life. Our astrological belonging defines our personality and our degree of activity also depends on it. Some signs are lazy, others hyperactive, for this and for other needs the stars have drawn up the ranking of the perfect fruit for each zodiac sign.

There is a perfect fruit to recharge you with energy and vitality and it depends on your zodiac sign. Eating the fruit that the stars recommend will increase your vitality and improve the quality of your life. Fruit is good and healthy food, rich in water, vitamins, salts and fibers, it represents a pillar for our daily well-being. Get the most out of yourself by including the perfect fruit for your zodiac sign in your diet.

A fruit for each zodiac sign, here is yours

Surely you have a favorite fruit too, who knows if it coincides with the fruit that the stars recommend to give your body all the nutritional elements it needs.


Aries is among the most vital and adventurous signs, makes persistent efforts and never stops, whatever the weather conditions. ORANGE is the fruit for you, full of vitamin C, it helps you stay healthy, allowing you to dedicate yourself to many new adventures.


Taurus is a very sensitive sign but tends to hide their true emotions by showing a conservative aspect. KIWI is the fruit that helps you stay calm and regulate blood pressure as well as improve the health of your usually delicate skin.


Geminis are multifaceted, curious, sunny and warm. The sweet and thorny PINEAPPLE is the perfect fruit for the Gemini who, in order to feel good, needs to bring a lot of variety in his life and also strengthens his teeth and gums, allowing him to bite into life better.


Cancer needs security and sweetness. It is an anxious sign very sensitive to excessive stress states, PEACHES are perfect for mitigating the effects of stress and anxiety. They improve digestion and help the body detoxify.


The Leo native is bright, well-groomed, eccentric and always very busy reaching his goals. The most suitable fruit for him is GRAPEFRUIT, a refreshing tonic that relieves tiredness and various ailments and keeps the flu away and for one who never stops you can’t ask for better.


Virgo is a hyper sensitive and delicate sign. POMEGRANATE rich in antiviral properties, preserves his health, also protects his delicate skin from UV rays and helps him to keep his weight under control given his tendency to let go of nervous hunger.


The Libra native seeks balance and harmony throughout his life. It is a sign that he loves simplicity and hates all forms of conflict. WATERMELON with its 92% water content is perfect for Libra. Watermelon has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the risk of heart disease by helping keep it calm.


Scorpio is very emotional and wary. His gut often suffers from his fluctuating moods. APPLE is its ideal fruit, it lowers blood pressure and improves it as well as helping your intestine to fight its irregularities such as constipation or excessive bowel movements.


Sagittarius is a very optimistic and fun-loving sign of adventures and travel. GUAVA is the perfect fruit for a Sagittarius as it helps them stay active for a long time. Guava improves the health of his digestive system and helps him control hormone levels.


Capricorn natives are patient, ambitious, tenacious, work hard and bring home many goals. The STRAWBERRY is his ally fruit, it helps him to strengthen his immune system and to strengthen his memory making it ready and quick to pick up new stimuli.


Aquarius loves change and hates routine. It is one of the most eccentric and enigmatic signs of the zodiac. COCONUT is a fruit rich in minerals, such as manganese, selenium, iron and copper and has antibacterial properties, it is the ideal fruit for the Aquarius and the vitality of its muscles.


Pisces are great dreamers and often don’t have their feet planted on the ground. PAPAYA is the fruit that helps them improve cardiovascular and digestive health so that nothing can interfere with the continuation of their dreams.

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