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The stars reveal which are the zodiac signs of women most likely to contract more than one marriage in their life.

For some people, marriage is indisputably forever and at whatever cost they will never jeopardize their union and remain tied in the sacred bond of marriage no matter what happens, even if this marriage is a source of pain.

Then there are the women who believe in love while it lasts and who when things don’t go they decide not to force them, preferring to look around to give themselves another chance. In particular, the women of these 3 zodiac signs belong to this group of thought.

Women of these 3 zodiac signs can usually marry multiple times

Love is mysterious and evolves and no one knows exactly which direction it will take. What is certain is that it requires constant commitment and the will of both partners to make this union last. A will that falters more and more. Over the years, the incidence of divorce in marriage has increased dramatically. The reasons are many but for some people, the divorce is mainly due to an error of assessment that led to making a wrong choice. For them, the best way to correct matters is to review the original plan and proceed with a correction. Instead of believing in eternal love, they believe in the power of Cupid who will sooner or later shoot the right arrow and promote the encounter with their soul mate.

For these women remarrying does not have a negative connotation. They believe that they were not born to be by the side of the same person for life as they do not tolerate the routine that is created in the couple over the years and that brings tensions and discussions in the relationship to which separation can be dignifiedly put an end. This does not mean that life also ends, on the contrary. Back to being free, these women rediscover the desire to get back into the game. Guided by their heart or their emotions, women of these signs are ready to enter into a new marriage after a failure:

1. Aries women

After a failed marriage it takes great courage to get back on the game and trust a new feeling and believe in a new marriage project. Experience shows that the risk of things not going as planned exists and is higher than previously imagined. Aries women are strong and purposeful and have the gift to charm anyone they want. Added to this is the tendency to lose your head quickly. Even if she doesn’t marry the first comer she will have no problem getting married again after a divorce. For her, there are no half measures, or all or nothing and this is especially true in love.

2. Gemini women

Women who belong to the sign of Gemini fall in love more than once. The stars define them as women with an artichoke heart because it is more the fear of loneliness than an authentic feeling that pushes them towards the realization of a wedding project. These women believe in great love but find it hard to orient themselves in a sea of ​​promising encounters. For this attractive, active, and joyful woman, the opportunities are endless. She is very much courted and appreciated by men. If she tends to get divorced several times, she is sole because she believes in the full right to be happy and well. She has very high expectations and these lead to great disappointments but her optimism pushes her to always believe in love.

3. Scorpio women

The sign of Scorpio is passionate and mysterious as well as extremely impulsive. From these women, you can expect anything even if they fall in love with a man while they are promised marriage to another man. This woman knows she is very seductive and she loves to play with this power of hers. She is more pragmatic than romantic, conquest is a challenge and she does not admit refusals. As a couple, she tends to be very bossy because she has an exacerbated masculine side. In her coexists the male soul of the predator and great femininity. She has a very strong personality and is as indomitable as a lioness, yet she longs to find a man that will be able to tame her. If this does not happen she will tend to get tired and go back to looking for her ideal man.

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