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Ranking Toxic Men From Most to Least Toxic Based on Their Zodiac Sign.


Scorpio men are definitely the first ones on the list of toxic men. It’s true, they are passionate and persistent, but they use those traits for bad things.

They are control freaks who have to have everything under their control. They are masters of manipulation and playing games.

They do have emotions deep inside them, but they bury them to stay hidden. Instead, they choose to be cold and distant.

You don’t want to mess with a Scorpio. If they feel in any way threatened, they will come back at you.

Sometimes they even can’t control their actions because of their vindictive nature and aggressive behavior.

They are definitely at the top of the list as the most toxic men out there.


Leo men crave power as much as Scorpio men. Their behavior goes from kind and seductive to arrogant very quickly but not soon enough to serve as a red flag for you to escape.

Their ego hits the roof, and if you ask them, they are the most important people on the face of the Earth.

This is why they are bad in relationships. They are too selfish, and they don’t care that much about the other person.

Their personality borders with narcissism because they love themselves more than anything or anyone else.

And if necessary, they are ready to betray anyone for their own sake.

At first, they are charming and beautiful, almost magnetic which is extremely dangerous. This is how they draw you closer, and then they use you.


Men born under this sign are short-tempered. If they don’t get what they want straight away, they’ll become aggressive, and during those moments, they don’t think straight.

They are capable of doing pretty much anything.

Their moodiness is something that only confuses you. One moment you’re the center of the world, and the next one they don’t give a shit about you.

They are impulsive and react almost immediately without thinking it over first.

They are capable of being just horrible because of it, and just maybe later they’ll apologize. But given a chance, they will act exactly the same all over again.


Capricorns have a great potential for becoming toxic. They are annoying know-it-alls, and they can’t accept when they are wrong.

This leads to them potentially assure you about things they feel are right even though you know they are not.

But after someone is constantly repeating the same thing, making you believe in it, you actually start believing.

Capricorns can become world class manipulators if they want to.

When they want something, they will get it under any cost which makes them highly dangerous. They are notorious pessimists, and most importantly, they never forgive.


Virgo men will definitely pressure you into becoming perfect. They will over-analyze your every move, and if they are not satisfied, they will criticize you.

Their critics will one by one pull you down, destroy your self-esteem and gradually make you think less of yourself as if you’re not good enough.

They hold a grudge forever, and they will never let go.


Cancers are emotional, but those emotions sometimes take things too far. They start overthinking and always come up with the worst case scenario.

So for example, if you’re out with friends and you’re not answering your phone, a Cancer will automatically think that you’re with someone else, cheating on him.

This can lead to outbursts of jealousy.

They are great when it comes to manipulating other people’s emotions.

If you’re feeling guilty for doing something you think is perfectly fine, it’s because a Cancer played you into thinking you’re doing something wrong.

And all of that because of their insecurity.


Geminis are tough players. They adapt to change very quickly, but that’s because they themselves have different sides they hide.

They act according to the situation which doesn’t leave a trustworthy impression. You never know what is really going on in their minds.

Geminis are pros when it comes to coming up with a plan.

No matter how diabolical the plan is, they are going to go through with it if they’ve set their mind to it.

Even if the plan is designed to hurt others, they will do it if they feel they have to.


Taurus are not so bad, but their biggest fault which can turn them toxic is their possessiveness. They get attached to one person, and they tend to become too clingy.

They want that person only for themselves. Sharing is a word which doesn’t exist in Taurus’s vocabulary. Because of it, they suffocate their partners and leave them no space for themselves.

In addition, they are really short-tempered.

They get angry very quickly, and it takes a lot of time for them too cool off which can also be a sign of potentially toxic behavior .


Sags can’t keep their mouths shut. They will say the most inappropriate thing in the most inconvenient situation.

They want to be the star of the show, and they will take out everyone who stands in their way—even a person they are dating.

Their manners suck, and nothing will keep them from doing something hurtful to someone else if it’s a part of their path to getting something they want.


Pisces are not that toxic. They are highly sensitive and over emotional.

They really get emotions and here is the potential to become toxic because they can start manipulating you, although that rarely happens.

But really, Pisces are not so dangerous because they are in reality fearful and overly trusting.

It’s more likely they are going to get hurt instead of someone else. But nevertheless, beware of the emotional manipulation . It can happen.


Aquarians usually turn out to be more emotionally unavailable than toxic. They run from expressing feelings, and they keep things bottled up.

Only when they really get to know someone, will they open up. Up to that point, they will push people away and in that way, unintentionally hurt someone.


The least toxic sign of them all – Libra. Even when someone hurts a Libra, they won’t get vindictive.

They will probably hold a grudge for a long time, but it’s not going to be dangerous.

They understand that all of us have flaws, including themselves, and their nature is therefore forgiving.

In the end, Libras are the most toxic for themselves. They tend to pity themselves and do nothing about it which is a clear sign of destructive behavior.

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