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Astrology: Signs That He Is In Love With You According To His Sign

How do you know that you have entered the heart of your lover, depending on his zodiac sign?

An “I love you” and a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day do not guarantee that you are the chosen one. However, there are some clear signs that you can follow when you want to know if you have entered the heart of your lover, depending on his zodiac sign.

Signs that he loves you according to his zodiac sign

Aries – He no longer cares about appearances

The Aries has nothing to do with romance and hates to seem melted after you in front of acquaintances. You know you’ve turned his world upside down if he acts like a teenager in love, without caring what people think: he brings you flowers, surprises you, and even gets jealous when he sees other men around you.

Taurus – Indulge yourself

The Taurus man does not talk too much and too soon about his feelings, but if he hugs you in front of his colleagues when he picks you up from work, if he gives you gifts, if he invites you to settle in his house and possibly cooks your dinner or he brings you breakfast in bed, there is no doubt that you have entered his soul.

Gemini – You become the center of his attention

Geminis are always distracted, busy, involved in many projects, surrounded by people and they never have enough time. The more often he puts everything aside to spend hours on end only with you, the more you can be sure that he is falling in love.

Cancer – Open your soul

The Cancer man is one of the most loving and soulful, but also mistrustful and shy. If he acts as if he’s known you all his life, if he tells you about his past and his fears, if he tries to bring you closer to his parents and relatives and fulfills all your whims, then you don’t have to doubt that he loves you.

Leo – He wants to impress you

Leos are very proud by nature and don’t like to appear vulnerable, so when a Leo makes an effort to please you, it’s clear that you mean a lot to him. The first sign that he considers you special: he overwhelms you with gifts. Then, a Leo in love wants to show you to the whole world and is very proud of you.

Virgo – He wants to know everything about you

For the Virgo man, love is an extremely serious thing, that’s why he is as cautious as possible when choosing his partner. He also falls in love with the mind, not just the soul. If he’s interested in everything from what you like to eat to how you’re doing with your health or savings, it means he has serious plans.

Libra – It is always present

The Libra man is criticized for being distant and cold, even in love relationships, because he is tight-lipped about personal space. When he starts writing to you for no reason, taking you out on the town every day, calling you to hear your voice or asking for advice on decorating the house, it means you’ve won him over.

Scorpio – Stop letting yourself breathe

When a Scorpio man falls in love, you will surely realize it on your own without needing others to confirm it. He will want to be everywhere with you, to do everything together, to possess you. If you feel suffocated by so much love, it’s clear, you’ve fallen in love.

Sagittarius – Let your guard down

The first sign that a Sagittarius is in love is that he invites you with him on his adventures next year. That amounts to a promise, and he hates commitments. Then, if he tells you secrets about his own life, if he laughs a lot in your presence and asks you many questions about yourself, it’s clear that you’ve conquered him!

Capricorn – You become a priority

If for your sake he neglects his other obligations, if he feels the need to take care of you and if he talks to you about his feelings, it means that you are the woman he wants for the future. A Capricorn in love will want to help you in all aspects, from paying bills to shopping for a home.

Aquarius – He wants to know how you feel

Sentimentalisms are not for Aquarians, they detest syrupy clichés. But if he is interested in meeting your friends and introduces his friends to you, if he supports you when you have a complicated period at work, if he organizes his time according to yours and makes plans that include you, it means he wants you close.

Pisces – He overwhelms you with romantic gestures

If he sends you flowers at your office or takes you to the beach to watch the sunset together, it means that something special has sprung up between you. Moreover, a Pisces in love will get involved in your life, empathize deeply with you and help you in all the ways at his disposal, because any problem of yours becomes his too.

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