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Have you ever met someone who always sees everything black? Today we talk about the zodiac signs that tend to get depressed: isn’t it that you are among them?

Let’s face it: the moment is certainly not the best.
Everyone, some more and some less, when we look around we find many reasons not to see life as if it were all roses and flowers .
Wars, pandemics, economic crises, influencers who have lines of clothes or stationery (perhaps their real target is the thirteen year olds who go back to school): nothing is going as it should go .
This does not mean, however, that today ‘s horoscope ranking tells us which are the zodiac signs most at risk … depression!

The zodiac signs that tend to get depressed: here is the horoscope ranking

Come on, you too have a friend who literally sees everything black !

Indeed, let’s face it: if you don’t have a friend like that, there’s a chance that you are the friend in question !
Today we talk about all the zodiac signs that tend to get depressed with little : they don’t need wars, pandemics and the plastic and polyester collections of influencers passed off as haute couture garments to get sad!

What do you say: would you like to find out which are the zodiac signs that get depressed with a nothing (and with which you must always be careful?).

Pisces: fifth place

For those born under the sign of Pisces , the sun shines very little.
Hey, wait, let’s be clear: we don’t want to say that Pisces are sad people.

What we mean is that Pisces are people who tend to get down easily and, therefore, they also tend to get depressed easily .
Too much bad news, all at once, can make Pisces truly depressed – be careful!

Scorpio: fourth place

Strange to see those born under the sign of Scorpio , usually so precise and organized, in the ranking of the zodiac signs that tend to get depressed , right?

Their way of acting takes its cue from this: first they get lost, then they get depressed and then, having found the solution, they triumph . They are people who need to sink before they can rise!

Cancer: third place

Those born under the sign of Cancer are obviously among the zodiac signs easiest to depression .
Cancers love to think and imagine everything from good to bad.

This means, therefore, that their sensitivity leads them to feel really too much.
They get depressed with nothing because they imagine terrifying scenarios with ease and they can’t see the beauty of their fantasies because reality is never at that level.
In short, Cancers get really depressed with little: be careful with them!

Aquarius: second place

If you need to get down, we would recommend a chat with those born under the sign of Aquarius .
Oh yes, dear Aquarius : you are people who welcome everyone and who are almost always decidedly supportive but you know how to depress yourself like no one else or almost!

Aquarius are people who have seen a lot of them. Dozens of problems weigh on their shoulders, both their own and those of others. They can’t really help but feel depressed – it’s pretty much in their nature!
It is easy for Aquarians to think of every possible thing that could go wrong in life. That’s why, when it comes to zodiac signs that tend to get depressed , Aquarius are at the top of the chart!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that tend to get depressed

Dear Gemini , for you the first place in today’s horoscope ranking: are you happy? Gemini will never admit it but they are people who get depressed with disconcerting ease.

The reason is that Gemini often feel targeted. From who? But from everyone!
That stranger on the street laughing or their own mother who has decided to look at them wrong and then not to say anything.
Geminis live in a constant state of terror: on the one hand they would like not to believe any of the things they think, on the other hand they feel constantly judged, weighed, criticized.
Needless to say, this leads them, very easily, to be the kings and queens of the zodiac signs ranking that tend to get depressed !

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