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Horoscope For The Week Of December 18-24.

This week, on December 21st, the season of Capricorn begins, and on the same day the winter solstice takes place.

Mercury retrograde makes holiday preparations take place at a slower pace, but we have more clarity on December 18, 21, and especially 22, when the sun forms an aspect with Mercury.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in opposition to Uranus on December 21 and brings us inspiration for the gifts bought in the last hundred meters and the decoration for the holidays.

Discover the horoscope for the week of December 18-24 for your zodiac sign:


The sun enters Capricorn on December 21 and brings you to one of the most visible periods of the year for you. With the deadlines at the end of the year and the change of plans for the holidays, you need guidance both personally and professionally. You are looking for a hero to save the day, but everyone expects you to take the lead.


With the entry of the sun into Capricorn, on December 21st, one of the most adventurous periods of the year begins for you. Whether you’ve finished a course, are packing for your holiday trip, or are signing up for a workshop, the entire next month is dedicated to broadening your horizons. Your plans this week could be surprising for your life partner or friends.


Maybe others are afraid of transformations and changes, but you await them with enthusiasm. Even now, when Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, is retrograde, you are ready to look back and evaluate your work. The sun enters Capricorn on December 21 and gives you even more confidence in your plans. You may face some complications or delays after Mercury returns to Sagittarius on December 23rd.


Capricorn season starts on December 21st and for you, this time of the year is dedicated to others. What are the most important conversations you need to have in your relationships? A last-minute change in your schedule requires you and your partner to compromise on holiday plans. Communication can become more difficult after retrograde Mercury enters Sagittarius again on December 23, so it’s better to say everything you have to say now.


Mercury is still retrograde, and things are not going as you planned for these holidays. Whether you are in the process of looking for a new job, you are facing health problems or you have a lot of work, you don’t feel quite at ease. The sun enters Capricorn on December 21 and shows you what your priorities should be. You’ll have more fun after retrograde Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on December 23rd.


Capricorn season is for you one of the most romantic and joyous periods of the year. Starting on December 13, when Mercury began its retrograde movement, you felt a state of nostalgia as you reconnected with former partners and rediscovered your teenage hobbies. With the aspect between Mercury and the sun, on December 22, you see more clearly what the purpose of these sentimental trips is.


The sun enters Capricorn on December 21 and thus begins one of the most withdrawn and introspective periods of the year for you. The problems that have arisen at home or in the family in the last few weeks – or even years – are now reaching a climax. After retrograde Mercury forms an aspect with the sun on December 22nd, you get the clarity you need to finally find solutions. A surprise gift or an unexpected bonus sweetens the situation a little and helps you face the situation you are going through more easily.


With the entry of the sun into Capricorn, on December 21, a month dedicated to close friendships, the local community and communication begin for you. For you, it is one of the busiest periods of the year and this year is no exception. Mercury retrograde urges you to be flexible about your plans. On December 22, you may receive important news.


For you, Capricorn season is the time of the year when you are most focused on money, resources, and income. What are your financial plans for 2024? If you haven’t done some yet, on December 22nd you will have clarity about the next steps you need to follow. Make a plan together with your life partner or a financial advisor.


With Mercury retrograde in your sign, this week could start a bit more difficult, but a tangle could put you on a better path. And on December 21, your season finally begins. For the next few weeks, you will focus on your health, beauty, and everything that concerns you. You could even have an unexpected romantic meeting at a party organized by a friend on December 21.


With the Capricorn season, you enter that period of the year which for you is dedicated to hibernation. You don’t want to do anything, just sit on the couch and read a good book. But this year, some unexpected changes at home or in your professional life force you to leave your comfort zone. This happens especially on December 23, when you are glad that you went out to socialize.


A busy new week begins for you, in which you socialize a lot. Apart from the usual holiday parties, at the same time you reconnect with old friends and work colleagues, with whom you do not meet so often. The sun enters Capricorn on December 21 and starts the year meant to focus on your dreams. You need to discover who can help you achieve your goals.

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