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Love Horoscope For The Week Of January 1 – 7, 2024.

The signs will have strong feelings in the first days of 2024.

The love horoscope January 1 – 7, 2024 comes with very good news! The first day of the year greets us with a Venus-Saturn conjunction, which challenges us to live consciously and to dose our emotions.

From January 2, Mercury resumes its direct course in Sagittarius, preparing us for new adventures, since the beginning of the year.

Mars transits the Capricorn sign between January 4 and 13, allowing us to be more responsible and careful in our relationships with those around us.

Let’s see what the stars are preparing for your sign!


An emotionally charged period awaits you and you receive a lot of news from the family. The first days of the year come with good news, but also with important decisions that fall on your shoulders. Be careful how you communicate your needs, especially in the relationship with your loved one.

If you are alone, someone from your close circle may make sweet eyes at you.


You will learn to give up expectations in the next period. You are willing to make many sacrifices for your loved ones, but you may notice that some people important to you do not respond in kind. Certain links may be broken, for your peace of mind. In the love relationship, certain conflicts arise that can be resolved if there is diplomacy.

If you are alone, it is not advisable to let yourself be won over by the words of a suitor, who could have hidden intentions.


It is a complicated week for you because you feel that you are moving away from your loved one. His cold attitude makes you question your future. Conflicts may arise that open painful wounds. The chances of separation are quite high.

If you are not yet in a relationship, you might go on a date that changes your opinion about love.


You have a quiet week, even quite good, especially for social relations. You feel like going out into the world and partying. You meet new people and make connections with interesting people. The discussions between you become deep and you find answers to some questions that were grinding your soul. Your life partner could give you a surprise or a declaration of love.

If you are alone, there is a good chance that you will fall hopelessly in love.


Love with Nabadai in the next period. Love and hate, hate and love, a lot of passion, but also arguments. Your relationship is complicated, but you like what you live because it helps you express your feelings to the maximum capacity. However, it is advisable to be careful, because too many conflicts could damage your relationship with your loved one. Also, be aware of the toxic people around you, who hurt you.

If you are not in a relationship, you might experience a sensual and incendiary affair during this period.


This week comes with very good news in terms of relationships. You get along very well with everyone around you and communicate exactly what you want, without risking being misunderstood. Take advantage of this opening and establish certain things that may have been left unsaid, especially when it comes to your family. In a love relationship, you find relief and comfort.

If you are single, you can meet a man who makes you give him your heart on the spot.


You feel like you’re living in a romantic comedy, where all things fall into place, finally in your favor. After a turbulent period full of ups and downs, you are satisfied with how things are going now on a sentimental level. You are surrounded by dear people, who show you that they appreciate you and support you. Also, your loved one gives you a surprise that causes you great joy.

If you are alone, go out to meetings or events to which you are invited, because your prince on a white horse might come your way.


The smile will be permanently on your face during this period because you are very lucky in all areas. The stars favor you and you receive a lot of good news. You have wonderful moments with your loved one and you may make plans together for this new year.

If you are not in a relationship, you fall head over heels in love at the end of the week.


You are romantic and you love with great passion. This period is intense for you and you want to spend as much time as possible with your partner. You might be on vacation together or simply have more time for yourself. You are in love and it shows in all your gestures. Enjoy this magical time when love is in the air.

If you are single, there are high chance that you will reconcile with a former love.


You are put in a difficult situation in love. You may have to decide whether to give a second chance to your current life partner or maybe even to an ex-boyfriend who has now returned to your life. Are you ready to overlook or forgive a mistake? It would be good to listen to your instincts because the universe guides you on the right path. You can also rely on a good friend for support during this period.

If you are alone, be careful who you trust in the next period.


You feel alone at the beginning of the year and you cannot find comfort in the arms of your loved ones, although they prove to you that they are with you. It is necessary to go deep into your soul and see what is the source of the deep dissatisfaction you experience. It is possible that certain traumas or wounds from the past will come to light and you will need to heal them. Fortunately, your life partner is with you in this process and you can rely on him.

If you are not in a relationship, something may happen between you and a person from your circle of friends or with someone you met through a friend.


If it was going to happen, it would have already happened. Give up expectations or unrealistic aspirations in terms of love. The beginning of the new year comes with a hard lesson that shows you that there is no point in hoping that people will change. Your life partner might disappoint you, but it is important to accept the reality in which you live.

If you are alone, it is not a good time to start a relationship, but you are free to experiment and live adventures.

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