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Are You One of the Three Most Competitive Zodiac Signs?


If you were born under this zodiac sign, you will want to be the best in everything.

You simply love to compete and only when you do, you feel alive. You can’t stand that someone is better, smarter, or more successful than you.

You have to be the best of the best so people can praise you. You just love the feeling of being the greatest at everything.

You relish that others come to you to ask for advice. Most importantly, you like to look good in front of your enemies.

You are very strong-willed and if you feel that you should do something, even when others tell you it’s not a good idea, you will trust your gut and do it your way.

You always prefer to listen to yourself because, even if you fail, you will know that it was your choice and not someone else’s.

When you compete, you use all means necessary and you don’t regret any decisions you make during your hustle mode!


This fire sign has competition in its blood. You simply can’t function in another way and always strive to be the best.

When you compete, you do it cleverly and you always get what you want.

Maybe for some things, it takes longer to get, but this sign doesn’t have problems with waiting.

To you, it is only important to achieve your goals and when you manage to do so, you feel peerless and powerful.

You don’t walk over dead bodies to get where you want, but play the game shrewdly.

You make friends with your competitors and once you find out all their flaws, you attack.

You are extremely proud of every success you accomplish and it means the world to you when close friends recognize it.

A Scorpio is someone who wants to outshine everyone but will definitely make sure to have the upper hand in every situation.


And last but not least – her majesty, Leo! If you were born under this sign, then you know that you always want and strive for more.

An average guy, average job, or average salary is definitely not your cup of tea.

You will do all that is in your power to get where you want to be.

You are not cruel and you don’t hurt the good guys, but you like to teach some lessons to those who never appreciated or believed in you.

When you achieve your goals, you feel proud of who you are because you did something good for yourself.

That is a feeling that inspires you and enables you to do some crazy stuff you never thought you would.

The most important thing about you is that you share all your happiness and accomplishments with your loved ones because you wouldn’t be able to achieve any of your goals if it weren’t for them.

Are You One of the Three Most Competitive Zodiac Signs

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