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The Full Moon in Leo on February 5th Brings Good News

The beginning of February brings good news for most zodiac signs because a very special astrological phenomenon awaits us!

The full moon in Leo that takes place on February 5 has a beneficial influence! From an astrological point of view, Full Moons always occur in the sign opposite the Sun. Aquarius, where the sun is now, is cold, cerebral, distant, independent, and discreet. The Full Moon in Leo, on the other hand, is looking for attention, fiery, emotional, and dramatic.

It means that there will be more warmth, passion, and reactivity in the air. Leo, after all, is a fire sign, ruled by the Sun. It lights up. Create situations. It’s noisy. He expresses his opinions. It’s time for you to express yours.

Full moon in Leo for each zodiac sign

Under the Full Moon of February 2023, permit yourself to shake your mane, like a powerful lioness, and put yourself in the center of the action! Do something you like, do something that makes you feel special, and have fun!


The influence of this aspect will be seen in the sphere of passion and sexuality for you. Get ready for passionate nights and don’t be afraid to say what you like and what you want!


You will feel the need to spend a little more time at home, invite some friends to dinner and play a board game. Enjoy the comfort of the house and the closeness with others. Socializing will help you solve certain problems that have arisen lately.


The communication sector lights up for you and you feel the need to share your opinions. The problem is that you might not allow others to talk next to you. Be attentive to the needs of those close to you.


The Full Moon in Leo illuminates the money sector, but not in a very pleasant way for you. Unforeseen expenses appear and, although you manage to manage them brilliantly, it will be difficult to cover the hole. Don’t despair, better days are coming!


The full moon takes place in your area of ​​self-knowledge and helps you access your deepest thoughts. Take advantage of your qualities during this period and be generous and loving! You will only get good things back!


All kinds of things from the past appear, and they can be made public in quite unexpected ways. For example, a post on Facebook or a letter in the mail. The more unusual, the more specific the exhibitionist energy of Leo! Be careful not to get lost in the details.


The Full Moon in Leo brings you a strong emphasis on the area of ​​friendship. If it’s been quite some time since you haven’t gone out to dinner with the girls, it’s time to do it. You need to tell someone about some things that are on your mind!


The Full Moon in Leo illuminates your career area. Leo indicates leadership energy – you can bring your colleagues together to complete a group project. You just have to be sure that you get the merits you deserve!


Your study area is illuminated, so you can be more inclined towards education. It is a favorable period to start courses, or to support presentations, projects, or exams!


The full moon on February 5 takes place in your intimate area, so you can prepare for some fiery nights. Be open and try new things in the bedroom, even if it’s not in your character. It is possible to discover a surprising way to get rid of tension!


With the fiery Full Moon in Leo in your relationship zone, it’s time to have a serious discussion that you may have been putting off forever. Confrontation is not a bad thing. If it is well managed, it leads to understanding, action, achievement, and fulfillment.


The Full Moon in Leo, which is bright and flamboyant, arrives in your routine zone. What does this thing mean? That you can expect your everyday life to be spiced up with special events. Accept every opportunity and enjoy the beautiful moments!

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