The most alienated zodiac signs from the world are those people who just don’t have time for life on Earth: are you among them by chance?

No, don’t worry, the real aliens haven’t arrived!
The zodiac signs we are talking about today have their residence on Earth and, often, also in the hearts of many people who suffer very close to them.
We speak, of course, of all those people who cannot help but be truly ” distant ” from others . Aren’t you among them too?

The most alienated zodiac signs from the world: are you in today’s ranking?

There are people who, no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to reach .

No, we are not talking about the life forms that populate (or could populate) the other planets but simply about the zodiac signs most alienated from everything and everyone . Have you ever felt excluded from others, unable to get close to them? Well, think that for the most alienated zodiac signs in the whole horoscope this is everyday normality.

It is not so much a matter of excluding them a priori but of dealing with people who are unable to fit into society .
They are ” strange “, different, always out of place or perceived like this: in short, it is difficult to deal with and they find it very difficult to deal with others.
Ready to find out who we are talking about?

Taurus: fifth place

Dealing with those born under the sign of Taurus can be really complicated.

Taurus always feel misunderstood and unable to establish a relationship with others : we do not find it hard to believe that they are also in the ranking of the most touchy zodiac signs of the whole horoscope !
For Taurus the relationship with others is virtually impossible: that’s why they always have this desire to explain themselves!

Scorpio: fourth place

But how? Would Scorpios be in the ranking of the most alienated zodiac signs of the whole horoscope ? But aren’t they leaders, always in first place when it comes to results and teamwork?

Of course, Scorpios have excellent skills but that doesn’t mean they don’t always feel detached from everything and everyone! For Scorpios , in fact, it is really difficult to get in touch with others! They are always stressed, on the verge of breaking, fearful of everything and everyone. Be careful with them, Scorpios need extreme sweetness!

Leo: third place

We put Leo in third place in our ranking of the most alienated zodiac signs of the horoscope for one reason and one reason only. Leos  want to 
be on today ‘s leaderboard! Or rather, they want to be alienated!

Since they are little, in fact, Leos try to be different from others: by dint of attempts, therefore, sooner or later the Leos become “strange”.
Not bad, though. For Leos , being “strange” is the best way to always be in everyone’s eyes!

Pisces: second place

How could we not include Pisces in the ranking of the most alienated zodiac signs of the whole horoscope?
Dear Pisces , you know very well that you are innocent.

So innocent that you could not help but be little alienated : you seem not to understand why others behave the way they do and that you are a little behind everything.
But why? Simple: you Pisces

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most alienated zodiac signs of the horoscope

At the top of today’s ranking we find all those born under the sign of Libra .
Dear Libra , it is really true, this is the answer to all your problems: if you have not realized it, it is precisely that alienation is your daily plan!

You seem to be always far from everything and everyone: dear Libra  , it’s not necessarily your fault or a problem if you don’t think like everyone else or if you don’t do what they do!
You just have to stop forcing yourself into patterns that don’t compete with you. Others can see your falsity when you try to make things you do not like to go well and, we can assure you dear  Libra , they just don’t understand why you do this.
Invite them to your planet and show them how you do it!


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