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These 3 Zodiac Signs Have The Biggest Trust Issues

Trust is the basis of every relationship. But some people have real problems with it. For example, an Elite partner study from 2023 revealed that only around 46 percent of women surveyed said they found it easy to trust. For men, it was at least 60 percent. Trust is always a question of one’s character and therefore the zodiac signs also play a role in the topic (or problem!). Here you can find out which signs, according to the horoscope, are more likely to have trust problems :



Typical for Cancers is their emotional depth and sensitivity. They tend to build strong protective walls around themselves. Although they have a strong need for security and belonging, Cancers can have difficulty trusting others due to past hurts or disappointments. They tend to hide their feelings, especially at the beginning of a relationship, and are slow to open up for fear of renewed heartbreak.


Scorpios are known for loving with intensity and passion. But although or precisely because they build such a strong bond with the people they love, they can also quickly be overwhelmed by jealousy and doubts. Their strong protective instinct leads them to constantly assume something evil and to always be on guard. This means they have difficulty letting themselves go and trusting others. It also happens that a scorpion snoops around in your partner’s cell phone.


It is Capricorn nature that they prefer to maintain control over situations. In a job context, this is certainly conducive to success, but in love, this behavior makes it difficult for them to trust blindly. They have an innate skepticism and question other people’s intentions to protect themselves from disappointment. Capricorns have their problems, especially with a very communicative and flirtatious person at their side – the trust problems could become too great in the long run for a healthy and stable relationship to emerge.

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