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Lucky Signs In May 2023. The Twins Fall In Love

The month of May brings significant changes in the lives of many people, and some signs will have more luck than others. See if you are among the signs favored by the stars in the next period!

The lucky signs in May 2023 are five in number and receive more advantages from the stars.

From May 1, Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius and it is a good period for analysis and introspection. This transit can bring many bright ideas and inspiration.

From May 7, Venus in Cancer means more harmony and understanding in married life. A lot of emphasis is placed on the family and good news is coming in this regard. It is a month in which many children will be conceived and born.

On May 15, Mercury goes direct in the Taurus sign, bringing a lot of comfort to our lives. A period of peace and abundance is coming.

There is also a lot of luck from May 16, 2023, when Jupiter transits the Taurus sign, where the Sun is also located. This will bring joy and success to most zodiac signs, especially the 5 we are discussing in this article.

From May 20, Mars arrives in Leo, with many good news, especially the fact that we can listen to our intuition and heart because they will bring us many achievements.

The end of the month comes with the Sun in Gemini, when enthusiasm and happiness reach maximum heights.

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Lucky signs in May 2023

Astrologers announced that five natives will manage to have a dream month in May, receiving a lot of good news and having a share of achievements.

May 2023 brings new opportunities for many zodiac signs, and some will have more luck than others. Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius will have a more positive month full of opportunities.


Aries will have a month full of energy that motivates them. They will feel a positive change in their lives and will be ready to get involved in new projects. They will also have new career and business opportunities. If you too were born under the sign of Aries, you will enjoy financial abundance and you will be able to afford all those things that have been on your wish list for a long time.


May is a favorable month for Gemini, especially in terms of relationships and communication. They will be more communicative and will have new friendships and important connections. If you are single, someone special may make their way to your heart. You can fall in love and live a love story like no other. A special period begins for you.

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Cancers will experience peace and balance in May 2023. They will feel that things are starting to fall into place and will be more aware of their own needs. Also, if you are born under this sign, you will receive good news about your family and children. It can also be about pregnancy or the achievement of your children, depending on the situation.


The month of May 2023 brings new opportunities for Leo, especially in career and business. They will be more ambitious and will be prepared to get involved in new projects. Also, Leos will get more recognition for their work. If you were born under this sign, you can expect a promotion. You can take matters into your own hands and request a salary increase at work.

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Sagittarians will have a positive and full of enthusiasm month. They will be more creative and will have new career and business opportunities. Also, Sagittarians will travel more than usual and will have adventures. Have more courage and do those things you kept putting off because you will be very successful.

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