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What is likely to hunt your boyfriend based on his zodiac sign 2022

We all have breaking points, things that make us lose interest in someone, even if we were in love with them until then.

These are things that we cannot and do not want to put up with in a romantic relationship.

So what is this particular thing that might chase your boyfriend away or crack him up and go?

What is this thing that you must avoid doing at all costs, if you want to keep it around?

Well, it all depends on his astrological sign, find out more!


Agree with everything he says

If your boyfriend is an Aries, one thing is for sure – he wants you to challenge him and he likes having someone by his side who contradicts him.

That doesn’t mean you have to argue with him all the time – just make sure you have your own opinion instead of blindly following what he says no matter how crazy you are about him.


Play mind games

Unlike Aries, Taurus men don’t like the chase game. They know exactly who and what they want and they don’t have the time or energy to play head games.

So if you are planning on leading a Taurus on the water, think twice before doing so, because that is exactly what will drive them away from you.


Being too boring

For all Gemini, life is a playground and relationships are meant to be fun. The last thing a Gemini wants is to be in a relationship that has fallen into a boring routine and grind.

Geminis lose interest as soon as their partner starts to tire them and they immediately move on to their next prey.


Emotional neglecting him

Cancer is known to be one of the most sensitive and loving of all the zodiac signs.

Even though a Cancer’s love is usually unconditional, they certainly won’t stand being with a woman who makes them feel unloved, unwanted, or emotionally neglected.


Encroach on your ego

Each Leo is secretly in love with himself and he cannot be with a woman who is trying to crush his huge ego.

It also doesn’t mean that you have to look at a Leo in awe at all times, if you want to keep them around, but you certainly don’t have to disrespect them, let alone in front of others.


Not knowing what you want

One of the qualities that all Virgo men share is their amazing organizational skills.

Virgos have a definite plan for every aspect of their life, and while a girl who lives day to day may attract them at first, they will quickly lose interest as soon as they realize you don’t really know what. that you expect from life.


Ignore it

If you want a Libra man to lose interest in you, just give him the silencing treatment and ignore him every time you’re angry.

As soon as he feels like you aren’t paying him enough attention, he’ll try to get out of your life, never to come back.

Libra men just can’t bear to be in a relationship where the other person behaves like they don’t care.


Poor skills in the bedroom

Yes, everything you have read about the Scorpio man is true. No matter how much he clings to you, a Scorpio man won’t stay by your side for long if there isn’t physical chemistry between the two of you.

I’m not saying you have to go beyond your limits just to make him happy, but as soon as he sees that you’re not ready to try new things or try new experiences in the bedroom, he will quickly lose interest in you.


Rush things

If you want to hunt a Sagittarius, one of the ways you can do that is to insist too hard on moving your relationship in the direction you want.

That doesn’t mean you’re wrong for wanting to turn things around, but be careful not to force him to take your relationship to the next level before he’s ready to do it on his own.


Make him jealous

Being one of the most loyal signs in the entire zodiac, one thing a Capricorn will never forgive you is infidelity.

For them, commitment and loyalty are essential and they cannot imagine living with someone they are unsure of.

Knowing all this, it’s obvious that a Capricorn won’t fall in love with you even more out of being jealous or out of fear of losing you.

On the contrary, the moment when he will have seen clearly in your intentions and when he realizes that you are purposely trying to make him jealous, is the crucial moment when your Capricorn will lose all of his interest in you.


The lie

For an Aquarius man, sincerity and having good communication with his partner are two fundamental things for having a healthy and successful relationship.

So, if you are planning on hiding the truth or lying to your Aquarius boyfriend, think twice before you do so, as it will only cause him to run away and chase him away.


Sowing negative energy

Pisces men just can’t stand pessimistic people. They view their relationship as an area that is meant to be stress free, and their partner as someone who is meant to help them escape harsh reality.

Therefore, Pisces men lose interest once they start to perceive their girlfriend as a primary source of negative energy in their life.

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