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Horoscope For July 2023. Aquarius Discovers What They Really Want In A Relationship

The month of July brings us clarity from an emotional point of view because Mercury in Cancer forms a beneficial aspect with the sun. And the full moon on July 3 starts a period in which we can focus on the practical changes we can make.

Starting with July 10, when Mars enters Virgo, and July 11, when Mercury enters Leo, the atmosphere will become more tense. We will also have a shift led by the Lunar Nodes that will move from the Taurus-Scorpio axis to the Aries-Libra axis. The things that were at the center of attention in the middle of April will now return to actuality.

Another important aspect of this month is Venus retrograde. On July 22, Venus begins its retrograde movement in Leo, which will last until September 3. It urges us to accept that our desires and needs have changed. It is a process that prompts us to reflect and carefully analyze our dreams and desires. What we wanted at the beginning of this summer may not be relevant by the end of it.

Discover the July horoscope for your zodiac sign:


The month of July starts well for you. The full moon in Capricorn brings you the recognition you’ve been wanting for a long time in your professional life. The best part is that as your career takes off, you also find time to relax at home, go on romantic dates or spend time with your children. Enjoy this good period because things will get more hectic when Mars enters your routine sector on July 10. The best way to channel this energy is through physical activity – going to the gym, running, or dancing.


For you, the month of July will be focused on the home and the home. The full moon in Capricorn makes you long for the duke and you dream of traveling, but also of focusing on education or spirituality. But before starting a new adventure in this sense, you must make sure that the foundation of your life is solid. Whether you change your residence, face a conflict in the family, or return to your deepest needs, Venus retrograde urges you to regain your inner peace and balance in your home.


If in recent months you have had the feeling that time has passed like sand between your fingers, the month of July will be a time for you to come back down to earth and set new goals. The full moon in Capricorn brings you some feelings and emotions that you thought had disappeared. Now is the time to strengthen your resilience, because a somewhat more difficult period will follow. But by the end of the month, everything will settle down and you will have many nice words to say about the moments you went through.


The month of July begins with Mercury in your sign, which will bring you some revelations related to your identity and image, but also the way you want to express yourself. The full moon in Capricorn, which illuminates your partnerships, will bring you to the center of attention and offer you the support of those you love the most. It is an intense process because you are in a stage of change both in your career and in your home life. The new moon in your sign, on July 17, offers you the opportunity to have that new beginning that you wanted.


Cancer season is an opportunity for you to take a break and analyze your life. But the full moon in Capricorn does not let you dream but brings you down to earth. You have to face a growing list of responsibilities. It is important to find a balance between rest and productivity. Your season begins on July 22, and on the same day, Venus begins its retrograde movement. In the next six weeks, you must focus on how you can take better care of yourself.


The aspect between Mercury and the Sun, from the beginning of July, is a real opportunity for you. It will bring you a new beginning in terms of your identity and public image. It is also a beneficial aspect of your friendships and the community you belong to. The first week of the month is great for socializing and connecting with others. Attention will shift to your private life when Mercury enters Leo on July 10.


Cancer season is for you the time of the year when your influence grows more and more. But the full moon in Capricorn makes you realize that something is still missing. Maybe you have some conflicts in the family or problems related to housing, but most likely you have a state of restlessness regarding the relationship with friends or the community. Venus retrograde, which begins on July 22 and lasts until September 3, will make you return to your dreams. The more you talk about what you want, the more determined you feel to turn your dreams into reality.


At the beginning of this month, you feel full of hope, but also more sensitive than usual. You want to go to various places and get in on the action, but at the same time, you let yourself be overwhelmed by nostalgia. Unfortunately, you can’t hide, because both Mars and Venus are in your public image sector. After Mars enters Virgo on July 10, your attention will shift to others. But no matter how much you want to connect, you will have obstacles and tensions, because Mars forms an opposition with Saturn. The situation will improve significantly after July 20, when you can focus on your dreams again.


At the beginning of the month, you feel that everything is going according to plan. Your life partner is enjoying a promotion, your job or business is going smoothly and you feel that you are untouchable. The full moon in Capricorn, although it does not affect you seriously, still helps you to get back on the ground. It is important to be grateful for what makes you happy now, but you must also think about what will support you in the future. Venus retrograde, from July 22 to September 3, is a good time for you to reorganize your daily schedule and rediscover your discipline.


It may be Cancer season, but at the beginning of the month, all eyes are on you. The full moon in your sign brings attention to your image and identity, which makes you feel sensitive and exposed. It’s that time of the year when you’re most focused on other people and your relationships, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your own needs. The full moon will reveal some sensitive aspects regarding the fact that you do not feel seen and heard. Venus retrograde is an opportunity to regain your strength and feel more confident.


Cancer season is the busiest time of the year for you. You have a lot of responsibilities and issues to solve. But the full moon in Capricorn forces you to take a break and rest. You gradually learn how to relax and what you can do to feel better in your skin. After July 22, when the sun enters Leo, your attention shifts to your closest relationships. Venus retrograde starts on the same day and brings you the opportunity to focus on the things you need from a partner.


The joy of living is your priority in July. This does not mean that you live in fantasy, but that you enjoy the present. The beneficial aspect between the Sun and Mercury, from the beginning of the month, brings what you want both in your home and in your closest relationships. The projects or contracts you sign now are protected by the stars and will bring you success. The full moon in Capricorn is in your friendship sector and shows you that you have a group that supports you unconditionally. Towards the end of the month, when Venus begins its retrograde movement, your attention is focused on your schedule and daily routine, so that you can enjoy more of what brings you pleasure and joy.

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