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Four Zodiac Signs Preparing to Embark on a New Life Chapter in June.


The theme of your new life chapter this month is guidance, Aries. Not the Wall Street kind, but the Anthony Bourdain kind, the Virgil to the Dante, the tutorial to the video game, the instructions to your cheap furniture. Utterly crucial and to be followed to the T. But it’s not as dire as it sounds, because the nice thing about guidance—when it’s available and can be trusted, it takes some of the weight off of your shoulders. Someone to show you around, show you the ropes and share their knowledge. Someone to make a reservation and take you to the best restaurant in town. Sightseeing without a bus full of tourists. That personal one-on-one attention is calming and reassuring after things have been hectic. We can feel so much pressure to figure things out on our own. To read the map, to read the reviews, to research all of the options. And it can be an information overload. Sometimes word of mouth still trumps technology. ChatGPT doesn’t have all the answers, but this month you will connect with someone who has enough of them, the ones that matter most to you, right now.


The theme of your new life chapter is milestones, Taurus. A birthday doesn’t always mean much other than another trip around the sun, but this year, you feel a special significance. Something soulful from within is reassuring you that you are ready for the next step. It is a gentle encouragement, not the societal/peer/social media pressure that is all too easily tied up with age. You personally are ready to take on something bigger, something harder, something with more responsibility, not because everyone is doing it, but because the timing is right, you’re feeling emotionally and financially stable, and the stars seem to have aligned. It doesn’t matter how anyone else sees this change, only that it is important to you, something you have spent time and energy hoping and wishing for, and now you see a path toward making it your reality. Take the time to enjoy this view. Write down this feeling somewhere so you can remember it later, because one, this is a life chapter you’ll reminisce about down the road, and two, it doesn’t come without its challenges and hard work. A reminder of what it all means to you will come in handy.


The theme of your new life chapter is rhythm, Virgo, and I’m not talking about your dancing abilities or lack thereof. I’m talking about the rhythm of everyday life. It’s different from the strict routines you create for yourself. It’s something you feel around you and tap into. It’s the people you share the sidewalk within your neighborhood. Being the first one to walk into your favorite coffee shop right as it opens. Celebrating the first weekend of the farmer’s market or the first baseball game of the season. Leaning into the ebb and flow of change around you, making use of what’s around to lift your spirits. Staying inside on a rainy day to read a book when you had plans to go for a run. It’s the sizzle of the grill when the temperature finally hits that comfortable threshold. Swapping out your cold weather clothes for brighter colors and lighter fabrics. A fresh pedicure for your open-toed shoes. When you realize the structure you crave can be found organically and not in a rigid spreadsheet. Following the external cycles and cues around you will help you get in touch with your inner ones too.


The theme of your new life chapter is commitment, Libra. Not the “I do”, happily-ever-after commitment that fades into the background of a narrative trying to tie itself up in a bow. It’s the stick-with-it trodding and plodding along of something you made up your mind to do and see through, day by day. No matter how repetitive the actions, no matter the things you’d rather be doing. You pledged your word to something, and now it’s time to make good on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a step challenge or a marathon, language classes or saving for a big trip, cleaning out your home or building a new one. The important thing is that it’s a process that takes time, effort, and dedication. Yes, there will be work involved, but there will also be plenty of satisfaction, feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and self-esteem. You will trust in your ability to deliver results for yourself and others, your foresight and resolution to be in the moment and push through temporary challenges. You will develop experience and life skills that will serve you in the future when new opportunities await. Your efforts now mean fearlessness to come.

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