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Horoscope: Find out what the various zodiac signs want from you.

Being among others always implies a form of interaction that leads to confrontation and exchange of gestures and words that serve to consolidate the relationship. When you relate to someone, it is normal for them to put into play a series of expectations that may depend on the type of relationship, how one arises, and, obviously, the character and way of being. This leads to different relationships that enrich in various ways and which can sometimes be complicated. After all, it’s hard to read other people’s minds, and figuring out what to do to please them isn’t always a simple thing.

Fortunately, however, some general indications can be followed and that helps us to understand, thanks to the influence of the stars, what the various signs expect from us. After seeing why each zodiac sign feels tired and which will be the most romantic zodiac sign of 2021, today we will therefore find out what each zodiac sign expects of the others. An aspect that can also involve the ascendant and for which it is recommended to also check the corresponding profile. In this way, you will have a clearer and more precise idea of ​​what to expect and how to move in order not to disregard expectations.

Horoscope – Here’s what the various zodiac signs want from you

Aries – More attention
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who need to feel at the center of attention and to have someone by their side who can listen to them and sincerely relate to them. From you, therefore, they certainly expect more attention and sincere participation in their personal affairs. This involves listening, targeted advice, and wanting to be close to them when they need it. Friendship is an important feeling for them and from which they demand a lot, sometimes much more than they are willing to give. But this is their very personal way of seeing things and they will hardly ever be able to change it.

Taurus – Greater participation
The natives of Taurus are people who know how to take care of themselves and who do not have an extreme need for others except when they decide to open their world to them. When you relate to one of them, then, what you will be asked for is presence, combined with basic participation. For them, when someone stops being a simple acquaintance, he becomes part of their family and, as such, an important piece of their daily life. This means that they find themselves expecting attitudes that if disregarded can lead them to feel disappointed and in some way betrayed. Expectations, therefore, even if not expressed, tend to be high and increase as the relationship becomes important.

Gemini – More empathy
Those born under the sign of Gemini have a great need to feel understood by others, especially when they find themselves going through their bad moments in which while closing in on themselves, they feel the need to have someone close. When dealing with them, therefore, understanding them becomes almost obligatory because in the absence of understanding their reaction can be harder than expected. If they perceive detachment from those they consider friends or otherwise important in their life, they end up stiffening, taking it personally, and becoming distant in turn. Being rather touchy, they could struggle to forgive what they are in effect shortcomings and, for this reason, it is always good to give them the right attention. Above all, it must be made to understand that you are always ready to listen to them,

Cancer – More romance
The natives of Cancer are people who love everything romantic and who live with an eye to the past and everything related to emotions. For them, feeling nostalgic is more than normal and they just can’t tolerate those who don’t understand their feelings and don’t even try to do so. From you, therefore, they expect an attitude of total openness and that can lead to the understanding of their every gesture or action. At the same time, they expect a romantic way of doing things, one that captures their ailments and knows how to give them something positive to hold on to feel better in the shortest possible time.

Leo – More sincerity
Those born under the sign of Leo are constantly taken by themselves to the point of not having the time to stop and understand others or read between the lines what they want of them. From you, therefore, they expect more sincerity and direct ways of doing things that get them out of the trouble of having to worry about picking up signs that they would surely miss. This “claim” of theirs extends to every type of relationship, including the working one. Being able to count on someone to tell them what they want and think about their way of acting corresponds to a reason for relief that it is important for them to feel. And while they may not always bother to take charge of what they are told, they will still be happy to know that every problem is out in the open and not hidden and undiscovered.

Virgo – More serious
Virgo natives are famous for their way of conceiving the world that leaves little room for imagination and instead makes use of seriousness and precision. What perhaps not everyone knows is that it is important for them that others also think the same way and that it is especially the people they are dealing with who do so. What the natives of the sign expect most from you is therefore a greater propensity to a serious vision of life and to the implementation of ways of doing that are logical and concrete. Which, of course, will have to be implemented especially when dealing with them.

Libra – More Connected
While they may often seem cold and aloof, those born under the sign of Libra badly need to feel involved with the people around them. This means that in you they will always look for a person who is eager to communicate and show themselves candidly and sincerely. Although they are understanding and always ready to give a chance to those in front of them, their way of tending to fail is if they think that there is no commitment on the other side. To get along well with the natives of the sign it is therefore important to show oneself sincerely and show them to appreciate them and to want to interact in the best way.

Scorpio – More loyalty
The natives of Scorpio can be quite rigid when it comes to interpersonal relationships. This happens because sincere and faithful like few others, expect the same treatment from the people they care about and, to be honest, from practically anyone they attend. They will therefore always expect the utmost loyalty from you. A requirement without which they will not be willing to consider a possible deepening of the relationship. It goes without saying that if they feel that something in this sense is missing, their reaction will never be positive, and from friends or potential friends they could become real enemies.

Sagittarius – More freedom
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius like to feel controlled, neither by partners and family nor by friends or acquaintances. For them, every relationship must be as free as possible, without expecting anything and everything even if, on balance, they are the first to have specific demands. Among these is that of always being able to count on others while at the same time feeling free to act as they see fit. A modus operandi that is often difficult to understand but which is of some importance to them.

Capricorn – More Flexibility
The natives of Capricorn are people who are often busy and involved with so many things that it is hard to keep up with it all. They, therefore, expect greater flexibility from you that can give them more space and freedom to act. When this is not the case they tend to take it very hard, becoming cold and detached and experiencing it as a personal affront. To get along well with them, you will therefore need to show understanding in the event of sudden changes in plans or needs that are often difficult to understand. In this way, you will always have their total respect.

Aquarius – More privacy
Those born under the sign of Aquarius do not usually have particular requests towards others except that of the right space which, in their case, is much larger than normal. Privacy is probably the thing they care about the most and are not ready to compromise. This means that you will always have to give them away to express themselves freely, without asking too many questions, and without ever being intrusive. This way you will be viewed positively. And, probably, you will be able to easily enter into their good graces.

Pisces – More affection
The natives of Pisces, even if they sometimes struggle to show it, need affection and expect that those who know them or want to enter their world, are always willing to give them. To get along with them you will therefore have to simply be kind, be sincere, and if possible understanding and empathetic, at least half as much as they will be. In this way, they will feel accepted and will be happy to open up, showing you an incredible way and in which you will find yourself more than happy to be set apart.

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