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Could your colleague or boyfriend be among the most grumpy signs of the zodiac? Let’s find out now with today’s ranking!

You don’t have time to get home (or work) as he’s already grumbling. Something has gone the right way during his day, the weather has ruined my hair, the machine needs the other petrol and does not like the coat you’re wearing.

You breathe a sigh, look and move forward: you call Dante from the Divine Comedy as a witness to teach you how to do it. After a moment, though, you feel it (but not Dante him first) continue to complain about: maybe this time it is a cup which is a waterfall, sheets that you lose, or socks mismatched. But how much does it grumble?

The most grumpy signs of the zodiac: here is today’s horoscope ranking

We, of course, thought that you who read our horoscope are not in the ranking of signs that always grumble.
But (there is, however, equally of course) there is always the small possibility that, in reality, the grouch in your circle of friends and knowledge is just you!

Think about it: nothing ever suits you, from the restaurant where you went to eat to the movie you saw. Do any of your friends become vegetarians? And you down to grumble, to say that he will never make it or that he should stop buying burgers made with chickpeas at the supermarket.
Maybe a friend of yours gets streaks and you can’t wait to grumble a little more: you would have wanted to do them first, they feel bad, she copied the idea.

In short, how much are you complaining? Today we talk about those horoscope signs that just can’t stop grumbling every second, about anything.
It’s not that you are in one of the top five positions in the standings … are you?

Capricorn: fifth place

We know, dear Capricorns: you were convinced that you were in first place in the ranking of the most grumpy signs of the zodiac, and instead, you are only in fifth.
Better this way, right? No, stop, do not start to grumble right now ruining everything!

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are generally people who want to have everything as they say, perfect and precise in their way.
Especially at work, when they start to complain, not the end more: better to avoid having to do with their fussiness!

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Leo: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Leo are the whingers of quality. Not a day goes by, in fact, that the Lion does not complain about something that should have been better!
The Lion, in fact, often complain about the sake of complaining, to add difficulty where there are not.

Used to always having everything and immediately, to ask and receive immediately, for Leos complaining is a prerequisite to having what they want on a silver tray. Often they don’t realize that what they already have is what many want! (Until, then, it’s too late ).

Virgo: third place

For those born under the sign of Virgo, this is a respectable third place. Probably, Virgo is very surprised to find themselves in this ranking: complaint? But they just never do!
If, however, you think about it for a moment dear friends of the Virgin, you may realize that you are always and in any case complaining.

Never stop! Complain about what’s happening to you all the time, always feel like you’re the victim of a bigger conspiracy, and don’t let anyone forget it.
How about: wouldn’t it be better to realize that others have problems too?

Aquarius: second place

Even Aquarians, despite all their kindness and their way of always being supportive of others, can be very grumpy.
Indeed, we would say almost too grumpy since they are in second place in our ranking of the most plaintive signs of the zodiac today!

The Aquarium is generally people who, spendendosi much for others, end up treating them for a long time.
After so many years of looking after, therefore, those born under the sign of Aquarius expect to have something in return: this something should be the fact that everyone behaves … exactly as Aquarius behaves!

Here, then, that if you do not do as he says (from washing the dishes to paying the 730 on time), the Aquarius becomes truly unmanageable and grouchy. With him, you will hear constant complaints, all day and twenty-four hours a day!

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Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most grumpy signs of the zodiac

Dear friends of the Taurus, we knew you were already grumbling for some reason as you read this ranking, so we thought we could provide you with one more.
You are at the top of the ranking of the most grumpy and always complaining signs of the zodiac. Aren’t you happy?

Like? Say no? And yet you incessantly committed to making your life impossible for all people around you!
Nothing is ever good of course to hear your opinion!
From the colors of the walls to the texture of the dessert you are eating, from the education of the children (of others) to the way your friends dress: you have an opinion and a complaint about everything!

Dear Taurus, maybe it’s time to stop to point the finger at the other (because, every time, you have at least three others pointed at you).
How about looking at the beam in your eye instead of the speck in that of others?

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