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6 Zodiac Couples Who Are Not Meant To Be Together

Falling in love is something that gives us butterflies all over our belly. It brings charm in our face and we start to glow. However, there are couples whose loves fade away within a short period of time and all those charms in the relationship also slowly fade away, and finally, they find it difficult to live together. Even. Astrology has described 6 zodiac couples who are not meant to be together. So, let’s find out which zodiac couples are the ones.

1. Leo And Cancer

The chemistry between a Leo and Cancer may appear to be exceptionally phenomenal and happening, yet logically they simply don’t work out. The possibility of this relationship ending with awful terms is particularly high. The reason for their not being able to work together is because of their thinking when it comes to the relationship is poles apart. Cancer needs to have a solid association with his beloved while Leo is fantastically unreliable. This seriously harms the inborn confidence of Cancer.

Another reason behind this relationship to fall flat is a direct result of Leo’s wide scope of feelings. A Leo can be too kind and generous one minute to ending up excessively critical about everything. This does not go down well with a Cancer. A sensitive Cancer takes it to her heart and confides their pain inside themselves. Over a period of time, this results in the formation of pointless aggression as a protection system and this dramatically overemphasizes the relationship.

2. Capricorn And Aquarius

These two zodiac signs are frequently considered as the most ambitious of all the sign. They are the most decided individuals one will at any point go over. The one usual thing about them is, the two of them approach their desire yet in various ways. This is the reason for their connection to coming up short.

From outside, they make look the most joyful couple you can ever run over however as a general rule that isn’t the situation. They set up an exterior before everybody. Capricorn pines for sureness and clarity while Aquarius is a greater amount of execution driven.

3. Virgo And Gemini

This is one of the couples who are simply bound to come up short. Virgos are down to earth in nature, then again, Gemini lives in decently stories world. Virgos are additionally dreamers, yet they generally take a reasonable way in accomplishing that. Gemini dream big yet doesn’t know the road to take to accomplish them. This just clarifies that in relationship Virgo will do the mass work to make it work and end up despising Gemini soon.

4. Libra And Taurus

They are a standout amongst the most comparable zodiac signs. One may feel that is good for the relationship to succeed yet in actuality that is the purpose behind their disappointment. They find a lot of themselves in their mate. The two of them are extremely romantic and strong-willed, however, a reliable Taurus makes a social Libra to be of controlling in nature.

The Libras like to be the correct individual constantly and don’t care for being tested by a difficult Taurus. The two of them are so inflexible in nature that even a small argument can make an enormous break between them. This nonstop strain between them falls flat the relationship.

5. Scorpio and Pisces

Both of these signs are emotion driven yet the manner in which they express that makes all the difference. A Scorpio is extremely deep when communicating their emotions, and Pisces are exceptionally sensitive natured while communicating emotions. Both of these signs are adventurous and free-spirited, yet a Scorpio is extremely neglectful in nature while Pisces is progressively in charge of what they do.

Scorpio enjoys being the center of attention, and when Pisces fails to do, they become exceptionally jealous. This result in the formation of a great deal of strain among them and inevitably the relationship fizzles.

6. Sagittarius and Cancer

They are the most typical different zodiac signs one will ever come across. Cancer is a homely individual, and Sagittarius is an adventurous individual. At the point when a Cancer attempts an emotional relationship, Sagittarius will go for a sexual relationship. They don’t share anything common between them. They will try to work the relationship out due to the little love left between them, yet this continuous hatred prompts greater harm in life.

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