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The Kind Of Daughter You Are, Based On Your Birth Month


You’re the self-sufficient daughter. Your parents don’t have to worry too much about you. They know you’ve got everything under control. They just wish you’d come to them with questions anyway so they could still feel that parent/daughter connection with you as you continue your life as a capable adult. Everyone likes to feel needed.


You’re the free-spirited daughter. You march to your own drumbeat, which is a boon for accepting parents and a bit of an annoyance to parents who wish you’d just follow the status quo. Above all, you can be counted on to make decisions based on emotions. Your parents might not always get it, but they’ll hopefully support you regardless.


You’re the loner daughter. When you were a kid, your parents probably tried to get you “out of your shell,” signing you up for classes and bringing you on playdates. Hopefully in adulthood, they’ve realized that you’re just an introspective and quiet babe who doesn’t need a loud life to feel fulfilled.


You’re the headstrong daughter. You’re not afraid to speak your mind and fight for causes, large and small, that you believe in. Your parents probably worried that your mouth might get you in trouble as an adult. They’d lecture you that your attitude would be a problem once you enter the workforce, but you may have finally convinced them that’s not true.


You’re the fickle daughter. You get bored easily, and much of your childhood was spent with your parents trying to entertain you with art and music and adventures. While you may have mellowed out in adulthood, you likely still get crafty DIY gifts from your ‘rents for holidays since they figure you’d rather be doing something than itching with boredom.


You’re the brooding daughter. You’re highly emotional and, rather than having massive tantrums, you would slam your door and cry in your room by yourself. Your parents couldn’t always decipher why you were in a bad mood, but they could feel the cloud radiating off of you even when others couldn’t.


You’re the emotional rollercoaster daughter. You aren’t afraid to share your emotions, whether positive or negative. Even if you aren’t doing it on purpose, your excitement or depression rolls off of you and touches everyone around you. That emotional rollercoaster frustrated your parents to no end, but at least raising you wasn’t boring.


You’re the family-focused daughter. You were always the one encouraging family movie nights or wanting to go on trips with the whole family. It might have annoyed your siblings, but you didn’t care. As an adult, you’re probably the one who’ll take up the role of host for holiday events. After all, everything’s better when you’re all together.


You’re the overthinking daughter. Your parents would constantly encourage you to go with the flow or tell you that the situation wasn’t as serious as you were making it. They’ve likely eventually accepted that you’re a sensitive soul that might spend your time worrying a little too much about what other people think of you.


You’re the blunt daughter. You were the one asking questions as a kid that you didn’t even realize were inappropriate. Your parents had to apologize for you on the regular since your honesty would border on rudeness. They might worry that your quick wit and penchant for spite might get you into trouble in adulthood.


You’re the empathetic daughter. You’re hyper-attuned to other people’s emotions, so you might have jumped at the chance to comfort your siblings before your parents could even notice there was something wrong. They worry that your empathy and quickness to help others might leave you open to getting taken advantage of.


You’re the risk-taking daughter. You don’t put much thought into the dangers before jumping head-long into an adventure or a life-changing decision. Your parents worry that your luck might run out and leave you with the consequences of your risk-taking. They aren’t necessarily thrilled with the idea of bailing you out all the time.

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