Tell us the truth: are you one of the zodiac signs that run too much in relationships? We remind you that lying is useless: we have today’s horoscope ranking on our side!

Easy to say that you are not a person who runs too much in love if then, after just a week of being with your boyfriend, you celebrate milestones, imagine your future together, and have already given names to your children.
No, do not try to tell us that you have never done it: we know very well that we have all done it, at least once in our life!

Both men and women run too much in love and, let us tell you when it becomes too pressing as an attitude it is really scary.
Do you often that your partner after only a few months, let them flee to the legs raised without being ever heard? So it is better to check today’s horoscope ranking for a moment: let’s see if we can identify where you are wrong!

The zodiac signs that run too fast in relationships: let’s find out if you go too fast in love

Vroom, vroom!
Yes, that’s right: we just simulated, with an onomatopoeic word, the noise of an engine revving up.
For what reason? Ah but simply to tell you about our horoscope ranking today, that of the zodiac signs that run too much in love!

Think about it: how many times have happened to begin a relationship, to feel excited and happy and see, then your partner gets away with legs raised?
If it’s just once or a couple of times, there’s a good chance you’ve met a few people who weren’t worth dating. If, on the other hand, this is a scenario that almost always presents itself, we may have some bad news for you.

If you start every relationship by talking about the colors for your wedding if after a week you only talk about baby names and how much a mortgage would cost you at thirty you could find yourself in this ranking.
Oh yes: let’s find out right away if you too are one of the zodiac signs that run too much in love!

Aquarius: fifth place

We put Aquarius in fifth place in our ranking because they, accustomed as they are to doing their utmost for others, are signs that run a lot in love!
The Aquarium does not make problems facing working hard (essential for a report) and steps important: they are not afraid to start a family or to say what their goals are!

The retaliation, often, is that people who are not up to the Aquarius are very frightened of their concreteness and their desire for the future.
Difficult to find a compromise: if you are with an Aquarius you know it well!

Virgo: fourth place

Used to never being with anyone who is not the apotheosis of perfection and everything they want in life, those born under the sign of Virgo are true optometrists in love!
For Virgo, every relationship is practically one with the right person.

Of course, they take a long time to admit that they are in love, but the next steps take them very quickly when they do.
Cohabitation, marriage, children, the cottage on the outskirts: it seems strange that the Virgin desires these things but, for them, a boyfriend is forever! (Almost wrong in every case).

Gemini: third place

Those born under the sign of Gemini are also part of our ranking of signs who run too much in love.
Too bad there is an underlying structural problem: the Gemini runs a lot because, often, they are afraid to find out what they really feel and certainly do not want to sit still waiting for the arrival of complicated feelings!

For Gemini, running in a relationship means, finally, being sure that they have reached the stability they so much crave.
With them, unfortunately, love relationships are a real swing of emotions that often ends in tragedy. They, who at first seem and are very busy, end up losing interest if you are too busy too.
A real contradiction, right?

Cancer: second place

Surprisingly, those born under the sign of Cancer are not at the top of our ranking today.
Curious, right? Yet, all Cancers will have to admit, it is they who are among the signs that run the most in love. Anyone born under the sign of Cancer already knows the model of your dress for the wedding and also the location is perfect.

It is useless to pretend not, dear Cancerian friends; for you, every relationship could be the right one and you behave with everyone as if it were a real state affair!
It matters little, in fact, whether you go out with a person for an evening or three years: you still imagined life as a married man, with the little house with the white fence and the dog in the lawn.

You don’t have to be ashamed (or almost). You are simply one of those signs that run a lot in love.
No wonder, then, that sometimes it happens that others get scared: no one already knows which song they will want to hear at their wedding … not like you!

Pisces: First place in the ranking of signs that run too much in relationships

Dear Pisces friends, enough, it’s time to come out. We all know that you are hopeless romantics and that you daydream day and night.
What we don’t know, however, is what you dream of, of course. It seemed to us that you were simply lost in your world but the reality is different.

You are the sign that runs too much in relationships par excellence precisely because you have already established the course of your relationship even before you get together with someone!
You love a lot (some would say too much) but perhaps your biggest problem is just this.
You do not have time to get engaged that you have already moved to the home of the unfortunate: help!

People are often fascinated by you but, dear Pisces, after a few months they end up trying to withdraw.
The reason? You are way ahead of them and they … often can’t reach you!


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