Did you know that there are zodiac signs that know everyone’s secrets? Sometimes they confide them, other times they sense them: let’s find out who they are and if ever they’ll tell you everything they know!

Have you ever talked to a person, ready to reveal some juicy gossip just discovered, only to discover that this … already knew everything? Sometimes it happens to want to confide in a friend or tell something for the sake of it and discover that the person we are talking to was already aware of whatever we are about to tell. Incredible, right? Yet some people manage to discover everyone’s secrets: maybe it is because they tell them to them or maybe, more simply, they can understand them because they are good at ” reading ” the emotions and behaviors of others. Would you like to find out who we’re talking about?

The zodiac signs who know all the secrets: here is today’s horoscope ranking

What do you say, do you think that you too will be in the top five of today’s horoscope ranking?
We have decided to find out which are the zodiac signs that know all the secrets: how many do you know or how many do you think you know?

The ranking of today’s horoscope is essential to be able to understand how to move, especially in delicate situations.
There are zodiac signs that are very good at revealing secrets because they manage to steal everything from others: they just need a glance or a like on Instagram to discover the truth!
In other cases, however, some people just receive the secrets from those directly involved. They do not reveal to anyone what they know and, therefore, for this reason, they are true confessors for other people!

Today we have decided to reveal which are these five zodiac signs that everyone (absolutely everyone) knows the secrets of others.
Do you think you are in the rankings?

Scorpio: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Scorpio can amaze you when it comes to secrets.
They know a lot of backstories and are not afraid to face people knowing their darkest secrets: they can never let them escape!

On the one hand, then, you know that if you ever confide something to a Scorpio it simply won’t reveal it to anyone.
On the other hand, now you have to look at the Scorpios in your life with suspicious eyes: who knows if they know anything about you!

Sagittarius: fourth place

Incredible but true, even those born under the sign of Sagittarius are people who know numerous (indeed, many) secrets.
Mainly they are the others who confide in Sagittarius even if they are famous for being particularly independent people, who do not want to create too close bonds with other people!

Sagittarius, therefore, is a person capable of receiving and storing numerous secrets. We put it in fourth place in our ranking for the candor with which, following a request, Sagittarius can reveal anything, even the murkiest.
With them, you just have to ask and the secrets they know … won’t be so secret anymore!

Cancer: third place

Although they are extremely confident people, we can generally say that those born under the sign of Cancer “don’t do it”.
Even if you haven’t revealed any secret to them, Cancers have most likely guessed it for themselves.
Of course, then they do nothing with this knowledge: but when they are right they always say it!

Cancers find it easy to read the lives of others: they are extremely sensitive and empathic people and, for this reason, it does not take too much effort to understand what happens and what other people’s secrets are. Better be careful with them!

Aries: second place

Those born under the sign of Aries earn a respectable place in the ranking of the zodiac signs who know all the secrets.
If you want to know something, in fact, or have the confirmation of an idea that has come to you about other people, Aries is for you!

Aries are people who have an intense social life and end up, cyclically, to be “best friends” of many people.
Maybe once it is a former friend, other times, instead, a completely unknown person. They become intimate with their lovers’ girlfriends and are very close to the parents of everyone they know. What is the result?

Simply that Aries have their hands in the pie practically everywhere and can tell you any secret. They all know them!
They are the ones who create gossip and rumors, guide the feelings of others and discover altars: trust us, Aries knows many secrets!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs who know all the secrets

Dear Aquarius, we have decided that the time has come to reveal your biggest secret.
You are the zodiac sign that knows everything about everyone: congratulations! Aquarius
are people who find themselves well equipped with two of the characteristics necessary to reveal everyone’s secrets.

They are both extremely reliable and empathetic people to whom others love to tell their facts and very sharp people, able to “read” a situation in an instant.
No wonder, therefore, that Aquarius is practically  Cumane sibyls, capable of predicting the future and guessing the arcana!

An Aquarius is a person to whom you will rarely be able to tell something shocking. He already knows it or he has already imagined it and your story is simply proof of his wisdom. Impossible, therefore, to upset them!

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