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The 10 Astral Laws of the Taurus sign

Taurus natives are fascinating. Always with a special style, surrounded by luxury and originality, they will charm us with their sweet words, motivate us with their perseverance, amaze us with their work, and heal us with their kindness. Here are the Astral Laws, the Voice of the Universe for the Taurus sign, which outlines the main personality traits of these natives.

These laws are those dictated by the stars, as a voice of the Universe that creates the main tendencies, powers, and characteristics of the natives born under the Taurus sign.

The laws of the Taurus sign: Listen to your senses, they will always choose what is beautiful

Taurus natives are known throughout the zodiac as having special tastes, and as lovers of luxury and art. In their life, they will always make the most valuable choices for themselves, for their home, and in general for the environment in which they live. More than that, the stars open their doors, and bring them the beauty they need to live fulfilled lives.

The laws of the Taurus sign: Your kindness heals

The kindness of the Taurus should not be confused with weakness. Because the Taurus is capable of helping loved ones to the point of sacrifice, no one should take advantage of the goodness and gift of a Taurus. Once disappointed, the Taurus can become vindictive, being able to hold a grudge for a lifetime. Taurus does not forget or forgive completely. If it seems that he got over an event, he accepted it, but he always remains vigilant towards the person who wronged him, and he will not offer you more chances and openness. Therefore, the kindness of a Taurus heals is infinite and saving, but once disappointed, the other side of the Taurus is really to be avoided.

Taurus Laws: Ambition and determination are the two doors to success for you

Taurus natives are used to being successful in life and, more than that, they manage to drag the people they pull along with them as partners. So their success also echoes in the lives of those around them.

Tauruses have two key characteristics that help them always win: they have determination and perseverance. This means that a Taurus works hard, but works with ambition, effectively for himself.

Rarely will a Taurus agree to work for free, perhaps only in their early maturing years.

Taurus knows their worth and demands respect from those around them.

Taurus Laws: Loyalty is your strength

Taurus is an Earth sign, they are family and loyal until the end of their lives. However, it is difficult to fall in love.

Their loyalty crosses family boundaries, being trusted people in all areas of life, from friendships to business partnerships.

In return, Taurus will expect the same loyalty from others. So is punctuality. They will not tolerate lateness to meetings and rightly so, as they spend on their time, a precious asset that you can never get back once it’s gone.

So, by activating the Law of Attraction in the Universe and being true to personal claims, Taureans end up having around them only serious people, people with different knowledge in art, and not only that, people who are used to continuous development.

The laws of the Taurus sign: You are hardworking but do the work you like

I was saying above that Taurus knows their true value in their career and will not accept to work for free. However, we can meet Taureans as volunteers, provided they resonate deeply with the cause they support in their volunteering.

Even more, they can be the ones who initiate and develop programs that change conceptions, that mobilize the masses, through which they help the disadvantaged.

The moral of the astral influences for this sign is simple: they will seek to do what they like in life, and this rule also applies to their work. Step by step, they will direct their lives toward what nourishes them spiritually. Attentive and perfectionists, they will easily reach the steps of success.

Taurus Laws: You are gifted with charm, so dare

Taurus natives are beautiful people, with good taste in clothing, the arrangement of the space where they work, or even of the house.

They are people who always have something intelligent to say, they have a penetrating look and an imposing stature.

Taurus natives are charming, captivating, and mysterious at the same time. As determined as they are, they are also withdrawn when we try to find out details about their lives.

The voice of the Universe urges them to trust themselves, to dare and they will succeed!

Taurus Laws: Don’t let negative emotions cloud your mind

As gentle as these natives are, they can be impulsive and fiery. When angry, a Taurus sees red in front of their eyes and may act on the anger.

The voice of the Universe whispers to them to train their mind and soul, learn to shield themselves from negative emotions, and not let anger control them.

Taurus Laws: Trust is the foundation of your relationships

In their relationships, Taurus is devoted to body and soul. They will always jump to the aid of their loved ones at any time, they will be present when they are needed, they will know how to comfort a broken heart, they will know how to listen to the suffering of their loved ones and they will protect their vulnerabilities.

But once they’ve been betrayed, once their trust has been broken, these relationships can’t be resumed, because Taurus doesn’t forget and isn’t willing to reopen their soul to someone who hurt them.

Taurus Laws: Love starts from the heart, but it takes up residence in the mind

Taurus natives will fall in love not only with the heart but also with the mind. They both need their soul to be touched, but their mind to accept that relationship.

That is precisely why they will not enter, or at least will not stay, in relationships that harm them or that stop them from their evolution.

Taurus natives will not allow themselves to be dominated, their freedom is precious. They also need a partner who is gentle and loyal, but also culturally oriented, as Tauruses often want to have interesting conversations with their partner, they want to ask for opinions, and they will often go out in their circles with their loved one because the couple is very important to them.

So the mind also has to accept their love for the relationship to take place.

Tauruses do not accept too many compromises in their love relationship, nor will they give up too much.

Taurus laws: You will know what you need

The inner paths of the Taurus native are tortuous and complex, but spiritually enlightened. These natives, step by step in their life and spiritual evolution will intuit the inner truth, and know what they need and where to ask.

Taurus are quite sociable people, so they will easily make contacts in life. Therefore, they will have someone to ask, and in turn, they will give unconditionally.

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