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The 3 Most Vindictive Signs As Ex-Partners And 3 Who Accept Friendship

There is always a different way to react to love. There are, to such an extent, signs that when they end a relationship they try to cut ties with their partner, now an ex-partner, and for this reason, they just can’t bring out their positive mood, but rather are more than vindictive, and many others who, on the other hand, know how to be excellent friends of the person they loved, obviously there is no right or wrong, we limit ourselves to analyzing what the stars tell us. But let’s go in order and here is the first on the list, which is part of the most vengeful.


The vengeful And obviously when he feels his ego damaged and overshadowed it is as if he were always on the alert, ready to take revenge and do everything to harm the person he loved, also looking for an easy way to heal that burning wound, always.


Let’s move forward with the ram, a sign that is capable of making an ex’s life a real hell. He should learn to let go of resentment, but he knows it will take a long time to let go of everything. Only time heals and heals wounds.


It is a sign that when you see a door shut in your face it is as if you were revved up, and thus, your strong and stubborn nature comes to the surface and your heart opens the doors to a new feeling, which is that of revenge that takes the place of love.

The signs that make friends with the ex again after a breakup


This is a sign that gets very attached to the partner, and never simply accepts the end of a relationship. She knows well that there are memorable and more than memorable moments that she will want to carry in her heart. Moments that, however, have to give way to a friendship, when things go wrong.


This is a sign that always tries to disappear from each other’s lives if things go wrong. Well, he prefers that contact is maintained with the ex, but after a while, when things have finally calmed down.


It is a very curious sign, in everything it does. And he wants to maintain good relations with the other, for the pure sake of knowing what will happen to the other, whether he will be able to rebuild his life or not.

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