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Why These Two Signs Would Do Well To Argue This December 4, 2023

Something to say? It is now. This Friday, December 4, 2023, is the ideal day to break through the abscess once and for all. Especially for two astrological signs.

“We have big ones! » Do you strongly identify with this quote from the series “Kaamelott” these days? You don’t dare to tell your four truths to your sister who is beating on your system? Good news. The astral weather at the end of the Libra season is particularly conducive to emptying your bag in complete safety. We explain to you why it would be in your best interest to say what is on your heart today, even if it means getting into conflict. Because it can only end well. At least, according to the stars.

Mercury And The Sun In Tune: It’s Time For Communication

Certain astral configurations are particularly conducive to exchanges and this is precisely the case this Saturday, December 4. In the sky, Mercury (communication) and the Sun (expression) are united to the same degree: this is what we call a cazimi. This word of Arabic origin literally means “to be in the heart of the Sun”. In this case, here, all the light is shed on Mercury, the messenger of the gods. In astrology, it is an invitation to verbalize things.

Especially since this conjunction of planets takes place in the constellation Libra. The diplomat of the zodiac gives a more than pleasant tone to the whole since she promises to temper things. Clearly, the time has come to have discussions that are annoying and that we postpone for this very reason since they could precisely be constructive. This Mercury in Libra cazimi is perfect for finding common ground. In short, if the need for a good argument arises: it might as well be today.

Which Signs Are Most Affected?

As always, the cosmic mood does not reach all signs in the same way. The first sign that would benefit from speaking now or muttering under their breath forever is Libra. Everything happens in her season, her constellation: she is the one who has the microphone, so to speak. Especially since the sign knows how to find the words… But is often reluctant to say what he thinks for fear of conflict. The lesson Libra could learn from Mars in Scorpio? If a situation doesn’t seem fair to us, it’s not fair. The diplomat of the zodiac would do well to listen to her intuition and her feelings, for once.

This is also the case for Pisces. Saturn (responsibilities) always retrograde in their constellation and force them to gain maturity, to get out of their comfort zone. Which generally boils down to not getting involved in conflicts, to staying out of them. For Pisces, this cazimi is an invitation to dare to assert oneself, to express one’s point of view, even if it denotes. Clearly, whether astrology interests you or not, whether you are planning to get confused at Ikea or not, the astral conjunction makes us think. Isn’t it better to have a healthy conflict that moves things forward, from time to time, than to ruminate constantly without daring to say anything?

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