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The zodiac signs that loathe latecomers are people who do not forgive. How about: would you like to find out today’s horoscope ranking?

How many times has it happened to you to arrive late somewhere and to find in front of you an inflexible insider ( be it the mask of a cinema, a university professor, a bus driver or a shop employee), ready to ruin your day?
Well (or rather, badly!) There is a very good chance that the person in question is in today ‘s ranking of zodiac signs . Ready to find out who we are talking about?

The zodiac signs that loathe latecomers: here are the top positions in the rankings

There are people who really can’t do without it: latecomers get them out of their minds !

Yes, today ‘s horoscope ranking analyzes which are the five zodiac signs that latecomers loathe (from the bottom of their hearts). Surely you too have met a person born under one of these signs: you just didn’t know it yet! So: ready to know if those around you have a visceral hatred for those who are late ?

Virgo: fifth place

Although those born under the sign of Virgo are particularly precise people they only earn  a fifth place in today’s ranking.

Yes, it is true that the Virgin hates latecomers with all her heart! On the other hand, however, it is also true that Virgo fully understands all people who are real perfectionists and who, therefore, could be late for various other reasons. In short: between “perfect” we understand each other!

Aries: fourth place

As indulgent with themselves as inflexible with others.
Never be late when dealing with an Aries !

Those born under this sign, in fact, are people who are absolutely able to stand up when it comes to latecomers and delays .
Not theirs, of course. Aries ‘ delays are always and absolutely justified. Those of others, on the other hand, absolutely not and Aries will make you weigh them like never before!

Capricorn: third place

For those born under the sign of Capricorn it is easy to be in today’s ranking.
Although, in fact, sometimes Capricorns can be late, it often happens that when they find themselves waiting for others, Capricorns become really angry.

Time is money and Capricorn time is very important to them.
Waiting for the comforts of others is able to make them become really anxious and not very happy; you know how an angry Capricorn can be , right?
Better to be careful, therefore, when making a date with a Capricorn . When they get upset they end up being really hard people to deal with!

Libra: second place

Despite their always open and sincere smile and their way of doing that puts everyone at ease, those born under the sign of Libra hate latecomers!

Waiting for someone to arrive is practically one of the worst nightmares in the world for Libra .
Feeling useless, little considered, alone while everyone else judges them. Even if they make the best of a bad situation (as always, after all, in life) those born under the sign of Libra really tie every delay to the finger.
Be careful: in one way or another they will find a way to make you pay !

Cancer: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that loathe latecomers

At the top of our ranking today, there are all those born under the sign of Cancer .
Dear Cancer , it’s really true: you are one (indeed, the first!) Of the zodiac signs that loathe latecomers !

For Cancers , when someone is late, a lot of things happen. The first of all is that Cancers worry: why is that someone late? What happened? The variations are endless: from irreparable tragedy to the idea of ​​having been abandoned or forgotten, Cancers explore all options.
As soon as the latecomer shows up, perhaps with a sly smile on his face, Cancers immediately get angry. And we all know what Cancer anger is like !
For those born under this sign, there is nothing more important than emotional relationships with other people. When someone is late, Cancersthey feel that they have been placed in a second-rate position and, we can assure you, they don’t like that at all!

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