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The Zodiac Signs of Men Who Are the Best Advisers

Some say that giving advice is an art, it’s something that isn’t everyone’s responsibility. But some men are very good at this challenging “job”.

These are signs that always have the right word at the right time and who manage to be on point, always. Every time they have to do with someone or someone.

Well, we’re talking about people who manage to do it with a certain simplicity and such naturalness that it’s very difficult to escape their words. These men always can understand who is in front of them. And if you’re curious to know a little more, all you have to do is continue reading for the day.

The signs, the men, better, who know how to act as advisers to everyone, are them.


His whimsical and creative way of doing and saying things is sometimes as if it were somehow an art, as we said earlier. It is an innate ability, which is very particular, especially in some situations and in certain contexts that seem difficult to dissolve.

Sagittarius, the Sagittarius man, can understand and understand the moods of the people in front of him and for better or for worse he can’t keep inside those harsh words that are part of himself. If there’s something that doesn’t add up to him, he says it and when instead everything goes swimmingly, well, he does the same thing anyway, he gives advice which, more than advice, is an incentive to do more.


Gemini is another sign that is incredible at giving advice. Well, we’re talking about a person who is sometimes a little too confused, and messy with her life, but when instead she manages to understand who is in front of her, she manages to do her best to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Gemini, the Gemini man, knows how to be an excellent adviser, and even when there is something negative to say, he does it, even outspoken.


He is the leader of the friends, within the group he is defined as the organizer, the one who takes on his shoulders a series of responsibilities that the others don’t have the will or the courage to take on. Cancer always knows how to give excellent advice because it knows in depth all the characteristics and ways of being of others.

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