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The stars reveal to us who is the guardian angel who protects each zodiac sign and how it helps him to overcome obstacles and move forward.

Do you believe in guardian angels? For some people, these supernatural presences called to protect us do exist and astrologers confirm that according to their interpretations each zodiac sign would have its guardian angel. Find out your name of yours.

Believing in the existence of an angel means believing in the presence of a spirituality capable of supporting and protecting us. These caring beings would be a gift from heaven who sends his angels to earth to help the human being in this earthly experience. You too have a guardian angel and his name is linked to your zodiac sign.

That’s who your Guardian Angel is based on your zodiac sign

Your Guardian Angel guides you so that you do not make the mistake of making bad choices, advises you on the people to keep by your side, gives you some of his strength when you are exhausted and a shoulder to cry on when you need to. let it out. Your angel saves your life when it is in danger and helps you improve it day after day. Your guardian angel has a specific name, astrologers introduce it to you:

1- Samael for Aries

The sign of Aries is fearless, has a lot of self-confidence and its great self-esteem is due to the guardian angel of this sign, Samael, the angel of trust, This angel keeps fear and anxiety away and instills courage.

2- Anael for Taurus

Taurus is a sign that has a great vocation for the family and this is due to his angel, Anael, the guarantor of love and stability. This angel is a balm for the heart, it helps you choose the right person to keep by your side and in case of doubts, it will make you rediscover faith and love.

3- Ambriel for Gemini

Geminis ask themselves many questions, are curious and their life is full of dilemmas. Their angel Ambriel is their spiritual guide who shows them which direction to take. Ambriel calms the doubting spirit of Gemini and helps him to live with greater serenity.

4- Muriel for cancer

Cancer is a loving and protective sign thanks to the support of her guardian angel, Muriel, she manages to keep negativity and negative energies away. This angel gives the sign the right motivation to face everything and overcome any obstacles.

5- Verchiel for Leo

Leo is a sign that gives off light, is bright and courageous, and owes these qualities to Verchiel, his guardian angel who tidies up ideas and brings clarity. Leo always knows what to do, his angel brings light and illuminates his path.

6- Hamaliel for the Virgo

The sign of Virgo is precise, punctual, methodical, and wise because it is ruled by Hamaliel, an angel who instills awareness of the surrounding environment. Hamaliel is attracted by beauty, this explains the Virgin’s need to have around a neat environment, practically perfect.

7- Uriel for Libra

Libra is a sign that is always looking for harmony. His angel Uriel embodies grace and is a symbol of justice. This is why this sign is so attentive to balance and harmony.

8- Barachiel for Scorpio

The sign of Scorpio is mysterious and introspective. Strong and determined to constantly improve, he is ruled by an angel who symbolizes transformation and encourages continuous improvement. Barachiel keeps away negativity, sadness, and depression as well as any form of emotional pain.

9- Adnachiel for Sagittarius

With his power and energy, Adnachiel will lead the natives to the sign of Sagittarius. He has the optimism, stamina, and resilience necessary for Sagittarius to overcome his fears and break the chains that prevent him from progressing.

10- Hamiel for Capricorn

Capricorn is a great hard worker who is determined and precise. His main goal is to replenish his finances so he tends to be a little present for his loved ones. This sign always manages to maintain excellent relations with everyone thanks to the angel of him, the angel of reconciliation, Hamiel is wise and caring and reminds Capricorn of the importance of respect and morality.

11- Gabriel for the Aquarius

Aquarius is the most unstable sign of the horoscope. Avant-garde and always unconventional, far-sighted, his greatest desire is to earn a lot by working little. This tendency is to be attributed to his angel, the Archangel Gabriel, a symbol of hope and fertility, who brings joy and abundance in the life of the Aquarius.

12- Eyael for Pisces

Pisces are very sensitive dreamers. Their guardian angel Eyael is gentle and guides Pisces towards the truth, a guarantee that allows him to achieve his life goals. This angel sweeps away the anguish that often settles in the soul of Pisces.

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