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These Zodiac Signs Need The Last Week Of September Just For Themselves

The cosmos advises in September 2023: Listen to your intuition! Three zodiac signs in particular should now free themselves from the opinions of others. Because with all the well-intentioned advice and instructions from outside, they have forgotten how to act according to their inner voice. Time to look within yourself and realize what matters to you. You can read who this advice is aimed at in the InStyle horoscope.

Horoscope: The Following Zodiac Signs Should Focus On Themselves Now

1. Zodiac Sign Aquarius

If he had his way, Aquarius would only live according to his own rules – but of course, that’s not possible. Because the air sign also needs the feeling of freedom, it dares to at least break out for a while here and there. Then he packs his suitcase and disappears on vacation without another word or simply disappears. This isn’t always easy for those around you, especially your partner, but if you give Aquarius his me-time, he’ll soon come back in a good mood. And the risk of an outbreak is currently particularly high…

2. Zodiac Sign Aries

Because of his constant need for freedom, Aries suffers like no other zodiac sign from the obligations that everyday life brings with it. Especially at work, the fire sign has problems following the instructions of superiors, especially when they contradict his opinion. In the coming weeks, Aries’ inner rebel may protest so strongly that he can no longer ignore it. The zodiac sign may soon become self-employed and become their boss.


The sensitive water sign Cancer is always worried that other people might not like them and therefore reject them. The result: The zodiac sign tries to please everyone and comes up short themselves. What’s even worse is that Cancer’s good nature also attracts people who just want to take advantage of it. But Cancer is lucky that the power planet Mars will rule in 2023, which represents new beginnings. Motivated by this, he will examine himself and recognize who means well to him. He finally says goodbye to fake friends!

This Is How You Can Plan Your Time Out

Me Time looks different for everyone. Creative minds can completely let go when they wander through nature with their camera and take pictures. If your head is full of work thoughts, the best way to distract yourself is with plenty of rest and in a neutral place. How about a mini retreat in the mountains? “Boredom is a balm for the soul” As they say, if a weekend binge with Netflix is ​​good for you, that’s entirely your decision.

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