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The 3 Most Treacherous Zodiac Signs

There are a few more treacherous zodiac signs, there are three of them and we have reviewed them in a special list of the day which you certainly won’t mind, given that it is a very interesting and discussed topic and which certainly comes back into fashion when summer is approaching. But let’s go in order and start right from the first on the list.


It is a sign that plays very “dirty” in love, even if yes, perhaps it is a term a little too strong, and yet it is true, we are talking about a person who is willing to do everything to get to his goals and in love is no different.

If he wants something, rest assured that the Gemini will go get it one way or the other. And she will almost always win! Also because it’s a sign you’re led to trust, but sometimes we’d better be much more cautious. But let’s go ahead.


And what about this sign? It is a person who goes to a thousand in everything he does and sometimes exaggerates since it is as if he is taken by a thousand things that he does not realize. In love it is a train and acts according to the situations it finds itself in. We can say that he is very good and that in a relationship he gives his best but he has no qualms about cheating if things go wrong and if he likes it that way.


As we know, Aquarius is a very free and natural sign, in everything it does, but in love perhaps it allows itself a little too naturally. Given that, as everyone knows, in this field there are precise rules to follow especially if you are engaged with someone.

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