Let’s find out the characteristics of the zodiac sign of the month: Pisces.

On February 19th we officially entered the month of Pisces, the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. Let’s find out what are the main characteristics of people born under this sign and what curiosities concern them closely.

Pisces card
 From February 19 to March 20
Dominant planets: Jupiter and Neptune
Color of the sign: Green
Stone brings good luck: Amethyst
Flower indicated: Wisteria

All about the zodiac sign of Pisces

The sign of Pisces in general
Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac as well as the one that comes immediately after Aquarius and before Aries. With this sign, the cycle of the zodiac closes and is thus ready to start again. At the same time, we look out on spring and on life that is blooming again. A symbolic period that well represents the whimsy and romantic inclination of those born under this sign.

The natives of this sign are sensitive people, particularly empathetic and with a vision of things that is often difficult to understand but always very fascinating.
Equipped with a great artistic sense, they tend to excel in everything that feeds on imagination and they do it by taking care of everything with their very personal way of doing.
In some ways shy, they know how to relate to others authentically, always favoring human contact. Excellent listeners, always tend to give a lot of themselves and they do it without ever asking for anything in return. This is given by the kind soul that leads them to always worry about the people around them.

Honest with those around them, they tend to show themselves without masks and expect others to do the same to them. When this does not happen they feel frustrated, coming to ask themselves questions about the authenticity of the relationship, which is essential for them to be able to trust and carry on a constructive relationship.
In everyday life, they present themselves as genuine people, always ready to have their say, but being careful not to hurt those around them. One of their main characteristics is that of having great tact and always worrying about the feelings of those around them.

The sensitivity that distinguishes them also leads them to not always be understood and to appear strange to those who do not have the same emotional capacity as them. A problem they tend not to care about even if at times, the awareness of not receiving consent anyway can lead them to withdraw into themselves and become a little less communicative than they normally would be. That said when they are well disposed they know how to establish unique relationships that they carry with them throughout their lives.

Work, success and professional relationships

For Pisces natives, work can play different roles that change according to the degree of involvement. If it is pure work, they tend to do everything well without getting overwhelmed and always keeping their minds turned towards what interests them.

When the work coincides with something she is passionate about, things change completely. In this case, they get involved to the maximum and live according to their passion. Something that in some ways can destabilize any social relationships, especially if with people who are unable to grasp the passion that motivates them.
The relationship with others, at work, is usually positive. On the one hand, because their ways are always kind and on the other because they always boast certain professionalism.

Great leaders know how to organize themselves and although they are more inclined to work alone, they always know how to make colleagues and employees feel comfortable.
Beware of stepping on his toes, though. The natives of Pisces are good but not fools and this is an aspect that they always want to point out.
They are generally inclined towards artistic tasks ranging from art to writing, even passing through dance. What matters is that they always do what they like because when they do, the results are always exciting.

Interpersonal relationships and feelings

In relationships, the natives of Pisces can be extremely particular. Sensitive and emotional, they experience feelings with extreme strength and with absolute conviction. Shy and withdrawn in some respects, they tend to become more confident and open up sincerely and genuinely as typical of their sign. When this happens they manage to achieve an intimacy with others that are difficult to give up.
Empathic like few others, they also know how to understand those around them and always have a good word or kind gestures towards those they love but also (albeit in a more light way) towards perfect strangers.

Excellent friends, they are faithful beyond belief and while looking for the right words they also try to be sincere, telling those truths that others always tend to escape. Excellent listeners always dispense useful advice and when they can they even try to help the people they care about, sometimes even putting themselves in the background to support the cause. More suited to personal relationships than to numerous friendships, they know how to adapt and show themselves sociable even in a large group of people. That said, they will always give their best in two-person relationships, especially if they are considered special compared to others.

In love, they give their best, following the romantic nature that pushes them to immerse themselves fully in every love story. Often reserved, they love the idea of ​​having a partner with whom to build something special and in which to pour all of themselves. Faithful like few others, they always dream big and usually just find the right person to start fantasizing about the future.


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