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What Will Be Your Lucky Month In 2024 According To Your Sign

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Each year brings new energy and with it the chance for a fresh start. To make sure you enjoy all the success possible in 2024, check out what astrologers have to say about your lucky month by signing!

Whether you want to take the next step in your career or formalize your love relationship, it would be good to know when the stars are smiling on you. Check your lucky month this year!

Knowing this information, you will know best when to make important decisions or start new beginnings. Astrology guides you to fulfill your resolutions and goals in the favorable months!
What will be your lucky month this year?

Here is what will be your most favorable period, depending on your zodiac sign. Read both the sign in which you were born, as well as the ascendant, to receive double luck!

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Aries: April

This year is about revelations and self-love for you.

You’ve given a lot of yourself lately and it’s time to embrace your own ambition again. Finding the right balance between aspirations and obligations will be an important theme for you in 2024, especially with Jupiter – the planet of luck and expansion – spending the first half of the year in your sign.

You also benefit from an eclipse in your sign on April 20!

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Taurus: May

If you feel that the last few years have tried you enough, you will be relieved to know that 2024 will finally start to look good.

The eclipses that have activated your zodiac sign for the past 18 months will end this year and give you the relief you need to move on.

The stars look bright for you in May, thanks to the help of Jupiter, who arrives in your sign for a few months. So, if you are ready, you can act for a big dream, a new opportunity or a new beginning.

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