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Some sports adapt better than others to our strings and sometimes a lot also depends on the zodiac sign.

Sport is good, we know, and just recently it has emerged that practicing it regularly can give us seven more years of life. If you are starting from scratch and you do not have the slightest idea what to choose among the many competitive activities that exist, then know that your zodiac sign can help you.

Some sports are more suitable than others based on character. After all, if your temperament can tell you what kind of ex-girlfriend you would be, why couldn’t it help you figure out what sporty type you are?

Aries – la peperina
Moving is right in your strings. For this reason, the sports that suit you best are those that allow you to leave without stopping. Running and cycling are therefore for you, also giving you a way to tidy up your thoughts and mentally organize your days while you train.

Taurus – the cooperative
Your way of making you particularly sparkling, especially when you are in a group. Socializing doesn’t scare you, on the contrary, it gives you new inputs. Team sports such as volleyball or basketball are therefore suitable for you. What if you don’t feel like competing? If so, you can always fall back on aerobics or Zumba.

Gemini – the adventurous You like to take
risks and embark on new adventures. For you, the maximum is therefore represented by extreme sports to which you can also associate both climbing and underwater swimming. You have in front of you an infinite number of options to choose from or to interchange with each other so that you never get bored.

Cancer – the loner
Despite the sociable nature, when it comes to sports, it works best in the individual. Activities such as running or skating are therefore suitable for you. What if you feel like being surrounded by nature? in that case you can always try horse riding.

Leo – the daredevil
You too, like those born under the sign of twins, are very suitable for extreme sports such as bungee jumping or climbing, both indoors and outdoors, on real mountains. The adrenaline boost that you will get will make you more than satisfied.

Virgo – the competitive
Your being a perfectionist makes you more suited to single sports, perhaps like tennis, where you can also vent your highly competitive nature without having to deal with a team. Staying everything on yourself is what you do best, so why not take advantage of it?

Libra – the Meditative
Your constant thinking and rethinking make you suitable for activities that allow you to engage without straying from your thoughts. Therefore, yoga or pilates is excellent and will give you the time you need while also helping you to relax a little.

Scorpio – the combative
For you, life is a battlefield where you can go down to fight the many wars that come before you. Sports such as boxing are therefore very suitable, even better if in the softer version to combine your side eternally at war with the femininity that distinguishes you.

Sagittarius – the focus
Concentration and precision are particularly important to you. For this reason, among the sporting activities that best suit you there are golf, horse riding, and archery. By practicing them you will be able to charge yourself with energy and relax at the same time.

Capricorn – the super active
Let’s face it, the sport runs through your veins. Suitable for all types of activities, give your best in those where you move and play as a team. Volleyball is therefore excellent but, above all, football.

Aquarius – the sportswoman
For you, one sport is as good as another as long as you do the right amount of physical activity. If in your free time running can be ideal to give you the right satisfaction, the most suitable sports are still skiing and bungee jumping.

Pisces – the sedentary
It is difficult to find someone born under the sign of Pisces who is also a sports lover. However, if you have to do it, it’s best to choose one that allows you to move your legs. Go ahead, therefore, to swimming, tennis, or running.

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