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What Love Karma You Have Based on the Birth Sign You Were Born in

Karma in love represents, as a metaphorical description, the challenges that we must balance, overcome and shape so that harmony permeates our lives. The karma of love is what we have to heal in our hearts, but it also gives us the lessons in love that we need to assimilate to find happiness and bring harmony into our lives.

Astrologers divide karma in love into three major categories, depending on the zodiac sign, as follows:

  • Karma of aggression: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn;
  • Karma of possessiveness: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius;
  • Karma of ignorance: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

Horoscope Aries: What karma do you have in love

Aries natives need to learn how to say “no” without hurting the other, and how to express their needs or manifest them, but without disturbing the balance of the other.

In love, Aries natives must learn to combine independence with the time given to their partner, learn to compromise to please them and at the same time withdraw from activities they do not like, but gently and harmoniously. By thus delimiting the personal space that the natives need and at the same time learning to give the couple the right time and the right quality, the natives are prepared to meet the great love and are ready to establish the relationship of their dreams.

Taurus Horoscope: What karma do you have in love

The Taurus native, creative, lover of art and all things related to luxury, often finds peace when enjoying financial stability. But karma in love involves crossing the threshold of looking for the material part in relationships, directing the responsibility of resources to them: they are the ones who will learn to be protective, to support their partner both morally and spiritually, as well as financially, without asking for anything in return.

They are the ones who learn not to ask but to give to overcome love karma in their lives. So, they need an orderly life and a lot of dedication, and great love will come their way.

Gemini Horoscope: What karma do you have in love

Ignorant Karma, in the case of Gemini, refers rather to involuntarily ignoring the desires, needs, and space of the partner, even if they do not realize that they are doing so, in favor of their conceptions and values. They tend to assert themselves in the life of the couple, which is not only their life, but the life of TWO partners, so that the couple does not overlap their individuality in totality, but must also leave room for the imprint of the partner.

Therefore, Gemini natives will learn to listen, attend to their partner’s needs, share their time with them, and above all allow them to be part of their lives (go together to visit friends, to concerts, on some trips even business, etc.).

Horoscope Cancer: What karma do you have in love

In love, Cancer natives have to overcome the practicality complex. By their nature, they are family-oriented threads, their values ​​are important to them, and they do not hesitate to make efforts to support their partner, but they have two important lessons to learn: to respect his needs (even if for the native Cancer do not seem important and priority) and to find their role as a couple, beyond their career. It is possible that the natives do not feel as a couple accomplished enough in a career, practical enough, maybe it seems to them that they do not earn enough, do not invest to the maximum capacity, and so on, this complex of practical nature that will have to overcome it to feel integrated and accepted in the couple.

Cancer natives generally have high demands on themselves, but life is also about living it, simply!

Horoscope Leo: What karma do you have in love

More than the Taurus, carrying the same karma in love, the native Leo tends to look for a partner who appreciates him perhaps beyond his worth, to highlight him, a partner with whom he can be proud of something.

But love does not seek praise, but intimate, soulful, and spiritual matching, completion, and dedication. The lessons the Leo native needs to learn in love are about avoiding being driven by pride, acting with deep sincerity, and seeking inner truth. When Leo will stop looking for maybe fame or the financial part in relationships and when will avoid imposing all their opinions, accepting that we are all different and therefore sometimes have a different view, they will find inner balance and harmony in relationships

Virgo Horoscope: What karma do you have in love

Karma of ignorance in the case of Virgo natives does not refer to the partner, but to the person. They need to honestly value their life and potential, learn to make decisions for two and not just for themselves, and above all learn to convey their thoughts and decisions to their partner as well. Often this ignorance relates to how they capitalize on their own emotions and decisions.

For example, they can choose to invest, but they don’t face their life partner, or they want to change jobs without alerting their partner, who has some expectations. Or they can go to the other extreme, to give everything in the relationship, to be the martyr in love, ignoring their inner values ​​and needs. Their karma consists in learning to live dually, not to put themselves in second place, and at the same time to communicate to their partner everything that can have an echo on the couple.

Also, when they have conservative ideas, they will have to learn to give space to their partner, but without necessarily giving up their values. Virgos have a karmic path in love typical of their sign, somehow as an exception in the zodiac, they first need to discover and love themselves, and respect material values ​​at the same time, and only then can they find balance in a couple.

Libra horoscope: What karma do you have in love

Libra natives have a karma of aggressiveness to overcome, which is triggered rather by communication, somehow by the apparent side of things or their aesthetics. Therefore, Libra natives can feel offended even when they are not, but they interpret things as if those around them do not appreciate them enough, do not see them at their true value, have hidden thoughts, or consider them inferior from certain points of view. In astrology, this is the karma in love that must be overcome, that of communication. They learn the lessons of positive thinking, but also self-valuation so that the opinion of the other is no longer the most important aspect that guides their decisions or actions.

They need to learn to follow their soul beyond the “mouth” of others. They will meet their soul mate when they are primarily looking for love, respect, dedication, independence, and less “aesthetic” values, people with good financial income or who are “somebody” in society. The deep needs of the Libra native are not material, but spiritual. They need to discover a beautiful and strong soul to balance their karma in love.

Horoscope Scorpio: What karma do you have in love

In love, Scorpio natives have the lesson of freedom to learn. It is recommended to give partners more freedom, but the basis of this freedom is, in fact, trust.

What they have to build is trust in themselves, in the relationship, in the partner, taking the risk of losing and being hurt, accepting that nothing is certain in this world and people can change regardless of them, that they cannot have control over others, but they must provide space, trust, and respect to their partner, while also trying to bring joy and positive emotions to the relationships they build.

Sagittarius Horoscope: What karma do you have in love

Sagittarius natives make many promises in relationships, but unfortunately, forget or fail to honor them all. And this is not out of the ill will, but because they tend to be too dreamy and less organized or practical. To overcome the karma of love, the lesson they learn is honesty: honesty in promises, honesty about what they want, and honesty about the limits they have in life. That way they can properly assess how far they can go and what they can build as a couple.

Even if it’s less than they dream, it’s what they can achieve without getting lost in their dreams and achieving nothing, actually disappointing their life partner. When they become honest with themselves and when they become practical and organized about their achievements, they can build a harmonious relationship, meet their soul mate and achieve true love.

Capricorn Horoscope: What karma do you have in love

Capricorn natives have the lesson of appreciation in love to learn. It is possible to involuntarily feel the tendency to minimize the intellectual capabilities of the partner, to feel envy without their will when the other presents major successes, perhaps a tendency to limit him, to clip his wings.

In this context, karma in love for Capricorn natives comes with the challenge that they learn to appreciate their partner, to give him compliments and words of praise, and to find in him a role model in some respects. When he meets such a person, love will find its place, and their relationship will become beautiful and harmonious.

Horoscope Aquarius: What karma do you have in love

Aquarius natives need freedom, which they can manifest in their ideas and work. They need a partner who supports them especially morally, who accepts them, understands them, and above all waits for them because in general, they are quite busy people or who work according to an atypical rhythm.

So the ideal partner for them appreciates human values, is honest and loyal, and believes in the power of family and human kindness. The lesson they have to learn about love is really about discovering their directions, they need to find out honestly who they are and what they want to do next. When they find their balance, they are ready to meet the love of their lives. In general, these natives reach marriage late, their path having, as I said before, a different rhythm.

Horoscope Pisces: What karma do you have in love

The Pisces native needs to learn to be close to his partner, present with his whole being by his side, he needs to learn the lesson of communication through which he dares to say what he feels and do it in a gentle, sweet way, like when teaching a child with love.

Pisces natives have a special vision of the world, it can often seem different or incorrect to us, but when we listen to the arguments we find that we cannot deny them. In their more difficult way to understand, they are right, and as a couple, they need to overcome two directions of karma: ignorance of the needs of the loved one and the power of expression. Thus, they will be ready to meet their soul mate and build a relationship based on true love, a mature, strong, harmonious relationship.

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