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The Warning Signs They’re Going Back to Their Ex

Getting back with your ex is a mantra for some. It’s like there’s always an opportunity to go back into the past. But this has consequences that emerge over time and that must be taken head-on, understood, and faced.

Here, today we will talk about the signs that always know how to get back with their ex-partners, also because it is as if they were linked to something visceral and emotional that they cannot understand and for this reason, they always end up repeating it, not that this is always a bad thing.

Well, these are people who are difficult to evaluate. These are perhaps a little immature people or perhaps simply courageous, well, we will now go deeper into what we are talking about, sign by sign.

The signs that they are attracted to ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends are them.


To tell the truth, the bull manages to close some relationships in a very sincere and serious way, at least when he wants to, he proves to be one of the most decisive signs of the entire zodiac. But he always maintains a direct line with the exes and after a while, as they say, the past resurfaces in a disruptive way and everything seems to go back in another direction in less than expected. It’s as if he has a very strange way of doing things: he loves to maintain relationships maturely and sincerely, but it’s inevitable that now and then, he will fall back into something he doesn’t want, unconsciously.


Capricorn also tends to maintain relationships with exes, after a long time, and in due time manages to weave physical relationships that take shape, with the ex-partner’s sense, in moments of boredom and great loneliness. It is as if the maintenance of the relationship with these people took shape in a very bizarre and particular way, at least in the first beat of the rapprochement, then everything resolves itself naturally and one returns to living a love affair, a relationship that was thought closed.


And what about the fish? He is among the most romantic of the whole zodiac, he never questions feelings and believes that passions, even the most contradictory and difficult ones, must be lived to the fullest. Pisces is a person who lets everything go spontaneously and naturally, but sometimes abandons himself to a very particular mood, that is, he forces things to get back together with an ex. He knows it won’t last long, maybe, but it doesn’t matter: what matters is living in the moment.

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