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Find out if and to what extent you can communicate with the body based on your zodiac sign.

The emotions we feel every day can be communicated in different ways. We generally use the word, with which we try to explain what we feel. On other occasions, the attitude we take can go a long way. But most of the time it is what we inadvertently communicate with the body that makes the difference.

However, it is a way of communicating that we do not all know how to manage and that can often be more or less evident. What we will deepen today, trying to understand if how much we can communicate with the body based on our zodiac sign.

How do you communicate with the body? Here is the answer based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Constantly Moving
When you feel nervous or excited about something, the way you communicate it to others is movement. Whether it’s shaking afoot when you are nervous, hopping when you are impatient, or tensing like a rope when you are nervous, your body is always able to convey to others what you feel and how you feel. A quality that can sometimes betray you a little, showing what you would not want others to know. On the other hand, however, it must be said that in most cases, your way of appearing spontaneous to others, thus obtaining various positive feedbacks.

Taurus – With simple attitudes
When you are caught up in emotions you tend to be transparent and let what you feel leak out. You are one of the hugs or crossed arms and the middle ground, when it comes to transmitting emotions it is not for you. So, just observe how you move and how you treat the atria to understand if you are in a good mood or angry and if you are in the mood for affectionate gestures or if, instead, it is better to let yourself be lost. A way of expressing yourself that can be as pleasant when you are positive, as it can be unpleasant when you are in a bad mood. Something that those who know you well can foresee to the point of deciding to move away when it is not blowing good air.

Gemini – With sudden movements
To be honest you are not among the people who communicate a lot with the body and all because when something does not go as you would like you to prefer to express everything in words and even raising your voice. If you really want to look for warning gestures, these are the sudden movements you have when you change your mood. This can range from throwing yourself angry on the couch as you cross your arms, to hopping happy over positive news or a thought that can turn your day around. Either way, it’s more about ways you highlight your moods. Because, as already mentioned, you usually immediately say how you are. What you do without too many hesitations.

Cancer – With Facial Expressions
Your way of communicating emotions is mostly through facial expressions. When you are peaceful it can be seen from your relaxed expression. When you get angry you always sulk and when you are happy you can’t help but smile. Clearly unambiguous ways often end up betraying you, letting those in front of you know what you are feeling. It can be said that you do not have the famous poker face at all and that, instead, you are more inclined to express everything spontaneously. And even if at times this aspect seems to be against you, otherwise it is also what makes others appreciate and trust you.

Leo – Gesticulating
When you have something in mind you can’t stay still and transmit every emotion through gestures. These become more excited when you are nervous and more fluid and relaxed when you are invaded by positive emotions. What is certain is that gestures are your very personal way of expressing to the world what you feel at a given moment. At the same time, they are also your way of letting whoever is in front of you understand if and how much it is appropriate to approach or stay away from you. A method that works a lot at work but which has various results also in everyday life and interpersonal relationships. After all, it is enough to know them just a little to learn to read between your gestures.

Virgo – With silences
You are not a person who loves to communicate with the body and this often makes you inscrutable. The only way you tend to make people understand how you are or what you are feeling is through silences. These can in fact be relaxed or extremely tense. And they are in a way that usually reaches the atria clearly and precisely. Thus, many times it is enough simply to observe yourself to understand if it is appropriate to approach or not. However, it is not a question of real bodily expression. Indeed, one could say exactly the opposite and that is that you tend to communicate precisely excluding bodily movements. Which makes you an indecipherable person at times. Except, in fact, that for the emotional charge of your silences.

Libra – With smiles
You are also not among the people who love to communicate with the body. After all, as elegant as you are, it’s hard to see yourself letting yourself go into fits of anger or outbursts of joy. Those who know you well, however, can understand something more of how you are through the smiles you mention when everything is fine or when you feel serene. Which turns into an expression of tension when you pull your lips or look tense and contracted. However, it is a very difficult type of communication to grasp unless you know yourself well. This is why it can be said that you are not very good at communicating with the body. Or perhaps, it would be more correct to say that you are very good than not to do it.

Scorpio – With the look
Your eyes can tell a lot. And this means that your main way of communicating is through looking at it. Something that you know how to do on purpose but which in some cases also happens instinctively. In fact, it is enough to receive a glance from you to understand if you are angry, happy, disgusted, anxious, or otherwise. And everything happens with such rapidity as to confuse those who do not know you are unable to understand your skill in doing it. Fortunately, those who have been around you for a while are more than capable of understanding you. So, even if you don’t usually express great emotions with your body, you can make up for it in another way. Sometimes, in fact, a single glance is enough to convey how much others would take minutes to explain in words.

Sagittarius – Speaking
Well yes, when it comes to bodily expressions you are not one of the greatest communicators. Indeed, it can be said that you are not at all good at communicating or saying what you feel through facial expressions or gestures. On the other hand, however, you are more than good at doing it in words and this eliminates any possible problem about it at the base. If it comes to communication, then, just rely on the utterances to which you never fail to let yourself go to be sure you know both what you think and how you feel about it. A personal way of making up for the lack of bodily communication that also helps you to never leave thoughts or judgments in suspense. Which is very important to you.

Capricorn – With the way you pose
You too fall into the range of those who are not inclined to convey emotions with the body. When you try something, however, you have a way of acting that tends to emphasize your mood. If you are tense, you are rigid in your movements and in the way you carry while when you are relaxed you have softer and more harmonious movements. Attitudes that can convey in the viewer both what you are feeling and what mood you are in. Which in some ways can come in handy, allowing you to keep annoying people out when you’re not really in the mood for conversation.

Aquarius – With the lack of answers
Okay, you are probably the person least able to communicate emotions through the body. At the same time, it turns out to be indecipherable for most people. And that has both positives and disadvantages. What is certain is that those who know you know well that they can capture your moods from your desire to talk about it. When you don’t feel like it, in fact, you ask yourself in impenetrable and stubborn silences, that you carry on without any problem. A personal way to let those around you understand if and how much they should be on guard against you. And that, let’s face it, is exactly enough (and you care) to let people know about you. For everyone else, just groped an approach to understand from your answers what mood you are in.

Pisces – In so many ways
When you feel something you tend to express it in a thousand different ways, also involving the body. If you are happy, jump all smiling. If you are sad you put yourself in a corner with a worried expression. When you are hurt you turn your back and when you are excited you blush and your eyes become extremely expressive. In short, reading you is not difficult at all. And this way of being transparent makes you a person who is impossible not to love. And at the same time, one cannot but consider sincere. In fact, your way of externalizing things denounces a desire to live that few people know. A desire to live is combined with the ability to respond to all sorts of emotions. A strength that makes you a person in its own way pure. And at the same time strong enough to carry on regardless of what others may think or say.

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