Find out how to overcome your greatest fear based on your zodiac sign. The advice of the stars and what you will need to understand in 2021 to finally be happy.

Each of us has dreams and fears that characterize him and that in some ways define his life. How we deal with the rest of the world and with which we choose to live our days, after all, mostly depends on a series of reasonings whose foundations are precisely dreams and fears. It is something physiological that you rarely think about but in terms of personality, it means a lot. At the same time, it is right to understand how to face the greatest fears because they often represent real blocks that prevent us from moving towards our future. Once accepted and understood, however, facing them will be easier and by doing so you will be able to advance, becoming a better version of yourself and, above all, a happier person.

Since dreams and fears are related to life experiences as well as the influence that the stars have on each of us, after seeing what the various signs of the zodiac want from us and why you feel tired based on your zodiac sign, today we will discover your greatest fear and how to overcome it with the advice of the stars. Since this is an aspect that has to do with the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant. Thus, you will have a more precise picture that will show you exactly how to move.

Astrology 2021: your biggest fear and how to overcome it

Aries – You understand what you want and you are afraid of the road that you still have to do
If there is one thing that the last few years have left you is an awareness of yourself that has led you to understand who you are and what exactly you want from life. While this step is important and usually good for everyone, you have ended up investing it with an overdose of fear.
What you fear most is the path that still separates you from the point of arrival and that you tend to live in the wrong way. Instead of focusing on what you do not yet have, you should stop and reflect on how wonderful it is to finally have clear ideas and how this is more than a fundamental step for your life and future happiness. Knowing what to fight for and knowing the exact direction of your path will help you simplify everything and reach your dreams quickly. The trick is not to fear the way forward but to learn to enjoy every single step. Because one day these moments will be the ones you will remember with the most nostalgia, even compared to the moment you finally crossed the finish line.

Taurus – You know how to get things done easily and you are afraid of it
After long psychological introspection and thanks also to the experiences acquired over the years, you realized that for life it is that little bit more that is achieved once all the socially considered indispensable tasks have been overcome. For you, living means rejoicing, relaxing, and fully enjoying every free and happy moment. The rest is more a kind of training to get to what you want and this sometimes frightens you because it makes you feel inadequate compared to people who seem willing to fight forever to achieve their goals. The truth is that every person is different from the others and that it should be so. The only thing you should worry about, then, is to be able to maintain the innate simplicity with which you face and overcome things and never stop looking for good experiences to do, regardless of the moment you find yourself living. In this way, you will always be sure that you can be happy according to your very personal way of being.

Gemini – You understand that to be happy you have to let go of some things
Your way of being has always been unconventional. Nonetheless, you have created a kind of script according to which to act according to various circumstances. Despite your unpredictability, you have ended up assuming certain attitudes only because you know that others expect this. After various experiences, however, you have found yourself to understand that the real you no longer need to proceed following patterns but that it can let go by simply being free to be yourself. A wonderful discovery but which in some ways is very scary. The truth is that the sooner you accept that this is who you are and that you have the full right to live the way you are and the sooner you will be happy. Others will get used to your new way of being and will hardly notice the difference because they have always thought about you that you are a difficult person to understand. So, why not take advantage of it and dive into the void as you have been dreaming of for some time now?

Cancer – You have made changes and are afraid of the effect they will have on others
What scares you most at the moment is having implemented changes in your way of being and living daily that sooner or later will end up being noticed and judged by others. If until today you have always tried to live halfway between what you want and what others expect, after understanding who you are you feel more and more the need to let yourself go. And, in doing so, you have put in place a fear that is perhaps excessive concerning the possible reactions of the people you love. The truth is that by finally becoming the real you you will only be a happier and therefore more lovable person and those who truly love you will be able to surprise you in this sense, accepting you as you are and not making you feel guilty for any changes. As for the others, you will be able to understand who has more demands on you than affection and probably, the new you will prefer to move away from it rather than hear any judgments. After all, change also means this.

Leo – You are understanding that being true is the best choice but you are afraid to do it
For you who are always attentive to how others see you, certain aspects of life can be more difficult. Because if it is true that from the outside you look like a strong and confident person, the truth sees you as too often anxious about the expectations of others. All this, over time, has led you to try to show yourself for what you were not and to create a sort of alternative reality to show to the world to give a glossy image of yourself and your existence. In recent times, however, you have increasingly realized that you need authenticity and want to appear more for who you are than for how you would like to be seen. The thing, however, still scares you too much to push yourself to do so and this ongoing struggle between who you are and what you show becomes more and more pressing. The truth is that only by being truly yourself can you count on people’s real admiration. The admiration that at this point in life is what you need. Being loved or praised for what you are not is no longer a suitable path and you and will not help you feel safe and happy. Now, however, it is only up to you to decide to act, perhaps gradually inserting ways of being more imperfect but true. And who knows that the reaction of others will not be able to surprise you favorably, finally pushing you towards your happiness. perhaps gradually inserting ways of being more imperfect but true. And who knows that the reaction of others will not be able to surprise you favorably, finally pushing you towards your happiness. perhaps gradually inserting ways of being more imperfect but true. And who knows that the reaction of others will not be able to surprise you favorably, finally pushing you towards your happiness.

Virgo – You understand that you can allow yourself to be imperfect but it scares you
If there’s one thing you’ve always hated this is imperfection. A detail that has led you to always try to give your best and to expect the same from those around you. Realizing that you can also allow yourself the luxury of being imperfect and that perhaps by doing it you would like yourself, even more, has upset your every vision of life and of what you need to be to feel happy. It is an obligatory step that you will have to face in the best possible way, putting yourself on the line and facing your biggest fears. Because if there is one thing you fear it is admitting that you are not perfect, discovering and recognizing shortcomings, and accepting to live nevertheless without making your problems. Once you understand that doing it does not mean giving up working to improve yourself and that you would be able to be yourself without losing your balance, you will also understand that your fears are unfounded. But it is something that you have to experience on your skin because hearing you say it is not enough to give you an idea of ​​what it is.

Libra – You are ready for the next stage in your life and it scares you
The last few years have been a continuous growth path that has led you to know yourself more and to deepen some important details about your way of being. While remaining true to yourself, you have managed to implement a whole series of changes that have brought you where you are today and that at the same time have made you understand what you want from life. What scares you is this kind of freedom that you feel from concerts more and more often and that seems to fight with your retrosia to let you go. Fortunately, you are smart enough to understand that if you fear something it is because you have to face it and this will be the spirit that will help you to seize every opportunity that presents itself in front of you. In this way, you will be able to move forward correctly,

Scorpio – You are in a real transformation phase and sometimes you are a little afraid of it
If the last few years have been tough, it is also true that they have changed you a lot, bringing you to know yourself like never before. This has meant that between introspection and the desire to get involved you can understand what you want from life and what are paths you intend to take. You have realized that you are different from what you thought and that you have more strength and determination than you would ever have dared to imagine. Sometimes all this makes you euphoric but other times it tends to scare you because it puts you in front of the big changes towards which you have already started. Changes that will make your life more beautiful but that will lead you to change and to be in constant transition to the better part of you.

Sagittarius – You know you need to change but fear the consequences
The last few years have shown you the need to change. Where you are and the people you surround yourself with are not always the right ones for you and this awareness has somehow upset you. Although you have tried to reinvent yourself, experimenting with new parts of yourself, you have increasingly realized that if in theory, you succeed well, when it comes to taking the last step, as well as the decisive one, things get complicated. This awareness leads you to live with anxiety every single step when following your instinct, you would succeed much more than you think. After all, what you should do first of all is understand what you need to change to be yourself and put it into action without thinking about it anymore. Only in this way can you feel calmer,

Capricorn – You know you have to look into the future but you don’t know-how
In recent times you have found yourself rethinking the past so much that today more than ever you are aware of the path you have taken to get to where you are and what you lack to reach a future that is still completely unknown. In front of you, however, there is a reality that you still struggle to see completely, and that for this reason makes you a little scared. In particular, you fear everything you know because you know that to welcome it and meet it you will have to give up parts of yourself, making room for others. A modus operandi that does not entirely belong to you and that you do not yet know how to manage completely. Perhaps, the only right choice to follow is the one that sees you face one day at a time but with the firmness, it takes to move forward. Sometimes, to change simply means to keep what it was, conforming it to a different present.

Aquarius – You know you need to improve but you are afraid of changing too much
Let’s face it you are one of those people who love each other as they are and this includes your flaws. Having said that, you have realized that you have often had wrong attitudes and that have led you to lose even important people. This awareness has made you aware of having to make changes in your way of living and interacting with others and at the moment this represents your greatest fear. Changing and becoming a kinder and more accommodating version of yourself scares you particularly, to the point of blocking yourself completely. What you fear is a change so radical that it upsets you. In truth though, it would just be about smoothing the corners and bringing some sweetness into your life.

Pisces – You are about to become what you were born for and it scares you at times
After the many vicissitudes that have marked your life, you have come to understand yourself and discover how it happens very rarely. This has led to inner security that is difficult to explain but which allows you to immediately understand everything about yourself. While this dimension seems to you the most similar to those experienced to date, sometimes you end up dreading what you may become. The idea of ​​being so beyond your expectations loads you with a certain pressure that you sometimes struggle to bear. The truth, however, is that you can be everything you have always been destined for and it is only by accepting it that you will be able to be truly complete, thus achieving the happiness you have always craved.


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