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Would you ever have thought that, sooner or later, it would be revealed to you because that colleague doesn’t know how to do anything? It is in the ranking of the most inept zodiac signs!

We have to admit: there are people in the world who don’t seem to know how to do anything.
Maybe they put into practice the philosophy of Paris Hilton who claimed to always do badly any kind of work they entrusted to her so that they would never ask her again .
Maybe again, simply, they are people born under the zodiac signs present in today’s ranking: would you like to find out who they are?

The most inept zodiac signs of the zodiac: would you like to find out who they are?

We know that as soon as you read the word ” inept ” your thoughts went to that colleague who really doesn’t know how to do anything.

There is nothing to do: in every office and in every situation you could meet a real inept, capable of getting lost in a glass of water and slow down every process.
Precisely for this reason, therefore, we have decided to create today’s horoscope ranking.

How about: would you like to find out which are the most inept zodiac signs of the whole horoscope ?
Let’s reveal the top five positions right away!

Cancer: fifth place

Dear Cancer , you will surely take it to death for having ended up in the ranking of the most inept zodiac signs of the horoscope .
We, however, cannot really lie!

Cancers are a strange mix of laziness and ineptitude : sometimes they don’t want to do anything and, for this very reason, they often end up not knowing what to do and how to do it. Hey, dear Cancer : it would be enough to work a little to get out of the ranking of the most inept signs!

Pisces: fourth place

Even for Pisces there is a nasty surprise today: they are in the ranking of the most inept zodiac signs of the zodiac !
For Pisces , the situation is quite different.

Accustomed as they are to generating admiration and fascination wherever they go, Pisces always have someone who does things for them, never making them lift a finger.
The result? Pisces do not know how to do the simplest things and often go into crisis precisely because they are surrounded by people who do everything for them to have even a nod or a smile from Pisces !

Gemini: third place

Dear Gemini , we’re sorry but someone had to tell you: there are days when you can truly consider yourself inept!
For the Gemini also the speech is very difficult: their ” double ” personality leads them to touch both extremes and, therefore, it is easy to get confused!

On what they want to do Gemini are people impossible to beat: punctual, sharp, very good, without even a problem in the world.
Too bad that life is not only full of things that we “want” to do but also of things that we “must” do. That’s why, when it comes to the duty part, Gemini suddenly becomes inept. They don’t seem to know how to make a bed or wash a dish properly. Dear Gemini : How about trying

Libra: second place

Libra is a really strange sign: on the one hand it is enterprising and cheerful and on the other it can be really inept.

Dear Libra : but which side are you really on?
Libra has this flaw: they can give everything and do everything for days or even months At a certain point, however, too much “good things” and Libra ends up deciding that they do not want to do anything for a certain period.
Here, then, that Libra turns into a real inept: it seems that it does not know how to do any of the things it was used to doing before. But how do you get around it?

Aries: first place in the ranking of the most inept zodiac signs of the horoscope

We know that not only will all Aries get angry but also that there will be people who are truly surprised by this first place in today’s horoscope ranking.
But how, would Aries be the most inept zodiac sign of the whole horoscope?

The answer is yes and, dear Aries , before you get angry we will also explain why. Aries
are people who truly have all the cards on the table to do exactly what they want, when they want it. Their only problem? A gigantic, rampant, debilitating insecurity that leads them to believe they can do nothing and to constantly rely on others. For Aries , nothing can be done unless they have asked for confirmation ten, a hundred, a thousand times or to be shown the procedure again. If only they were never wrong they would be almost justified: it is a pity that Aries , due to nervousness, also make many mistakes!

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