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Top 5 Love-hardy Zodiac Signs

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Which are the most difficult to love among the zodiac signs?

When you fall in love, it seems that no obstacle is insurmountable and no flaw too big. But some traits make life with some people more than complicated. Here are the most difficult zodiac signs to love!

5 zodiac signs that are hard to love


To love a Virgo, you must first get close to her, which is not at all easy with this reserved and distant zodiac sign, which guards the doors of its soul with ten locks and throws away the key. Both before and after a relationship begins, Virgo remains extremely analytical and critical, and if you are not exactly what she wants, she will endlessly try to correct you and change you. Stubborn, disciplined and meticulous, she becomes tiresome with her desire to turn you into the perfect partner, the one you’ve dreamed of all your life.

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Scorpio can be extremely sensual, and passionate, but also possessive to the core. He loves you a lot, but he wants everything from you, every thought, every dream, every smile. You can’t hide anything from him and he wants to rule your whole life. Jealous, proud, vindictive, and gluttonous, can quickly become suffocating and drains you of energy. The hardest thing to bear is that, many times, you have no idea what you did or didn’t do to upset him. Emotional immaturity is what greatly complicates the existence of a Scorpio’s partner.

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The difficulty of relating to them comes from the fact that they are incredibly indecisive. The twin now wants one thing, now he wants another, and he’s still mad at you for not having them all. Although it doesn’t seem like it, he is very sensitive and you never know what reactions to expect from him if he is joking or serious if he is angry or just thinking far away. In addition, Gemini loves freedom and hates to feel constrained in any way. The fact that he does not make commitments and changes his mind very often brings feelings of insecurity in the couple.

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Capricorns take responsibility, and that can only be a great quality – they are efficient and practical and you know for sure that you can rely on them. But this zodiac sign has the habit of treating love relationships as a business, weighing your qualities, and flaws, and making decisions based on reason more than love. He is reserved in his feelings and quite cold, so you often end up wondering if he really loves you. Especially since he always puts work first, hence postponed vacations, evenings spent at the office, and weekends where there is no question of relaxation…

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A Leo always expects to be praised, appreciated, kept in the fluff, and if it happens that you don’t pay him enough attention, he immediately changes his attitude to one of displeasure, full of reproach. Which can get tiring. In addition, Leo acts as if he doesn’t need you and would do just as well on his own. Unwittingly, he has a bossy attitude, which makes you feel unimportant and neglected. Proud and stubborn, he does not admit when he is wrong and always wants to have the last word, hence many contradictions and tensions.

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