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What You See When You Look In The Mirror According To Your Sign

One is how others perceive you, another is how you see yourself and how you think about yourself.

The opinion we each have about ourselves can be a little distorted, softer, and flattering. And when it comes to the zodiac sign in which we were born, we tend to praise and overestimate it, as if there is no better one in the world. Here, then, how you see yourself and how you would like others to see you according to your zodiac sign!

Aries – a warrior princess

It is said about Aries that they are strong, unruly, stubborn and impulsive, sometimes childish. You like to think that you are strong, spontaneous, and always ready to fight and win. You can swear that no one has your energy and that if you put your mind to it, you can beat anyone.

Taurus – the goddess of femininity

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus women are said to be charming, gentle, flirtatious and affectionate. You like to think that you are the very embodiment of femininity, the soul of the party, the one after whom everyone turns their heads admiringly.

Gemini – a little genius

It is known that the Gemini was blessed with a lot of creativity and an enviable intellect, that they love to joke, to play, to discover new things. You like to think that your ideas are brilliant and you consider yourself unique, thanks to the abilities with which you were endowed by nature and your zodiac sign.

Cancer – Cinderella

Cancers are known to have big hearts. They are benevolent, friendly, and sincere, but they often suffer for this reason. You like to think that you are too sensitive for this world, but that you will receive your reward if you do everything with love and dedication. You are waiting for the moment when you will be saved and protected in your turn.

Leo – universal guru

When you hear about the sign Leo, you think of a strong, passionate, charismatic, and, probably, egocentric person. You like to think that you know everything, that no one does things better, and that everyone should admire you, adore you, and even always ask for your advice and help.

Virgo – the wise judge

It is said that Virgos are always dissatisfied, critical, calculated, and looking for something better. You like to think that you always make the best and correct decisions. You are proud of your ability to judge things objectively, according to principles and standards that others lack.

Libra – the good fairy

Libras are said to be feminine, warm, generous, and passionate about beauty. You like to think that you changed a few lives for the better, that you always intervened when you were needed and that wherever you go you leave a good impression on the people you meet.

Scorpio – the femme fatale

Scorpios are mysterious, attractive, but sometimes difficult, very possessive and vindictive people. You like to think that no one can resist you and that you will irreparably destroy the world of anyone you meet.

Sagittarius – the fantastic woman

Sagittarians are known to be confident, optimistic, brave and independent people. You like to think that your zodiac sign is your super ally, that it gives you initiative and a tireless longing for adventure, that it makes you the envy of many and that it makes you practically unstoppable, no matter what you propose.

Capricorn – the absolute mistress

Capricorns have a good reputation: they are known to be loyal, responsible and very fair. You like to think that you have total control over your life and the people who are part of it. You easily manage to impose yourself through your way of thinking and doing things: rational, organized, flawless.

Aquarius – the rebellious heroine

The zodiac says that you are unruly and unpredictable, provocative and arrogant, sometimes. You like to think that it is your duty to fight for the values ​​you believe in. All moments of rebellion are a necessary evil, which helps you change your mindset and get things on the right track.

Pisces – the good angel

The world knows that Pisces are bohemian, empathetic, dreamy, sometimes lacking in will and initiative. You like to think that you are the personification of compassion and love, that all your actions and gestures make the world better and more welcoming. The joy of others is your happiness.

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